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Mixamp + E11, E07K, or E17

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I currently use a Sennheiser PC 350 headset for both Xbox and PC gaming but I've come to realize I'm not getting the full potential out of it. Also, the built in audio codec on my gaming laptop is absolutely horrible (Clevo P150EM) and I desperately need a DAC.


What I'm looking for is a something that I can use for both my Xbox and Laptop. Another note is I take advantage of the fact my laptop is a laptop. I often play games in different buildings (college life) but always connect to a power outlet. I'd prefer to need only one item instead of two for audio considering the power brick for the laptop is huge, the laptop is a decent size, plus I still need my headset and mouse. So it's a lot to always setup, tear down, and carry.


I already own the Astro Mixamp. I've been searching this site for answers and have decided I need to add an amp after the Mixamp for my Xbox. I'm not sure though whether to use the Mixamp as a DAC or to get a FiiO Amp/DAC for my laptop. Like I said, I'd rather have one device for my laptop because it is easier to transport. However, I do like having the Simulated Surround Sound. I thought about getting a Creative X-Fi Go Pro but I want something higher quality than CD Quality (I do have a lot of lossless music and want to start searching for master tracks). Something I should note is my laptop does have S/PDIF out. Not sure if S/PDIF is better than USB for a DAC or not. I have connected my Mixamp to my laptop before via USB (don't have it with me right now so I cannot test it out again, it is back home with my Xbox). But I remember it being really bad. The audio was super quiet with all dials up so I know an amp is required. I've been looking at the FiiO E07K and E17 as potential amp solutions to use with my Mixamp on Xbox and as my amp/DAC for my laptop. For combined Mixamp + amp solution for laptop, I've been thinking about the E11. The only worry I have with the E11 is that it cannot charge and play at the same time. For the E07K, I have no use for the additional headphone out. For the E17, I like the S/PDIF option however I don't know if it is worth the additional $50 for the option if it is no different than USB.


Which option do you recommend? Or do you know of some other devices that your recommend? Thanks for the help!

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Hi mate I got Mixamp first wifi mixamp and 5 months ago change for mixamp 2013 with EQ (that new version it mazing)

I was used with hd650 + amp from Audio Technica and now I got my dream HD800 I use with iFi iCAN

http://www.head-fi.org/products/ifi-ican-headphone-amplifier and its mazing. its small so easy to transport with you check the review 

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