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nailed it - i tried the re600 for 10 days and i didn't notice that much of a difference with the 272 to justify a 400$ buy

i really liked it although it seemed like a better/improved 262

then again ,i don't know how better /worse these are compared to the other 400$ iems out there

having the 262/272 , i am kinda a Hifiman fan myself , my next iem will probably be the 282 :p

Originally Posted by Tympan View Post

For having compared the two extensively on iphone 4 and balanced HM801, I'd say first of all, they sound great with both players.

Main differences between these iems are:


272 are more extended on each end of spectrum and neutral sounding (white sound so to speak). They sound very balanced and coherent with plenty of details and articulation but are a little "shy" in the Sub bass–Bass departments (a little EQ bass boost helps)  Most people described them as analytical. Personally, I never cared for analytical sound signatures yet, always loved the 272. Best Highs in all Hifiman iems. Great with everything, especially with electronica.


600 are slightly less extended on each end of spectrum and sound a little more "orangy". They have a noticeable sense of bloom and liquidity the 272 do not have. They sound bolder, more organic and musical. Bass feels bigger (272 a tad more shy but slightly deeper and more articulate). That's the type of sound signature I'm generally after, yet, they haven't made me love the 272 any less. Best "liquidity" in all Hifiman iems. Great with everything but especially with acoustic stuff.


In short, 272 (technical) vs 600 (musical). I love them both.

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You mean "RE800" ; )
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Originally Posted by Tympan View Post

You mean "RE800" ; )

I wait for Re800 too. I A/B Re600 with Westone 4. Re600 have bass quality, Mid 's detail and imaging is far from westone 4. Westone 4 got bigger sound stage, bass quantity, and better treble. I think treble is re600's weak-point. It will be perfect if treble's forward a bit

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How can the RE-600 (non S version) be used with a balanced amp with the 4 pin XLR connection?  The adapter that comes with the RE-600 is for using it with a SE un-balanced amp or iphone, correct?  So, I assume we need to purchase some additional adapter?  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Dawls View Post

After one week something broke, terrible build quality for 400 dollar IEM

Originally Posted by proedros View Post

no offense , but things don't just 'break' out of the blue - especially on such places of the iem

i can understand a driver going off or the sound having hicups, but to break something like this apart it usually includes the human factor

i have a re-272 for almost 3 years and nothing has broken - then again i am being careful

Originally Posted by Dawls View Post

It broke when I twisted it into my ear like I do with every other iem, never ever seen any of my other iem's that cost a lot less than RE-600 fail. It's always the cable that breaks never the stems. This is just bad quality, and you can easily see why it breaks on the picture.

Originally Posted by vrapan View Post

Yes they do, two RE-400 dead one of them broke in the same way Dawls RE600 did. There is a fair amount of complains about the RE400's build quality in its thread. I have had my HF5 for longer than I had my second pair of the RE400 and my SD2 for over a month but worn all the time during gym during mountain biking at work during my short commute.... Not the smallest sign of wear....

Originally Posted by viet1357911 View Post

Ya it's my best IEM ever but build quality make me sad.....

Too bad, i hope hifiman can be more serious about this problem and fix it smily_headphones1.gif
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Hi guys,


Just pulled the trigger on a balanced RE-600 (not RE600s) and while waiting for it, I thought I would solicit opinion as to which DAP will sound good with it.  I have the unbalanced RE400 and it sounds really good with any of my existing DAPs: Ibasso Dx90, RocooP, X3, and J3 with or without external amp. But I like DX90 best with it.  


Anyone care to share their experience pairing the RE-600 with a non Hifiman DAP?  Ok so, AK240 will be out of budget and I may eventually save for a Hifiman 901.  Just want to know as well if there's anything I should prepare before hand so that the RE600 will sound better with any of my DAPS - specially the Dx90. i.e. do i need recabling? a suggested amp pairing maybe?



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Originally Posted by gilency View Post

I am liking these earphones very much, to my ears, one of the best non customs I have tried.
Had issues with the stems detaching from the phone itself and a replacement was provided without any hassle. Top customer support. I am now however a little concerned about their durability and being very careful handling them.
Compared with the Sennheisser IE 80, re-600 wins in detail and clarity. The Sens are darker and less detailed but still very enjoyable.
Compared with the Audeo 232, they are different, with the 232's sounding bassier and a little U-shaped, with the re-600 more faithful to the music and airier sound. It is very hard deciding which one is better since I like to be able to enjoy different sound presentations for different moods.
Compared with Stax SRM-002, the Stax has wider soundstage but less treble extension although still very natural and detailed, with good vocals reproduction and mids. The 002's are not as comfortable and mine were already replaced by Stax due to a bad connection at the Stax connector site.
I found customs more cumbersome to use (to the point it's doubtful I will ever buy another custom again) and these ones are easier to remove, and just as comfortable with the Comply comfort tips.
Being too busy recently and finally got sometime and would like some kind advice of which RE to get for my 802 and 901 and I don't play balance. I have been using ER4PT for years. I prefer mid vocal.

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Just one more question, is the adapter necessary if using the RE600 on the 802, or 901 directly without balance card and switch in unbalance position.

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Originally Posted by LECW View Post

Just one more question, is the adapter necessary if using the RE600 on the 802, or 901 directly without balance card and switch in unbalance position.



No adapter needed for 901/802.

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Thanks man.

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it has annoyingly too much energy on hi-mids.
but anything else is fine.
i wrote my review here : http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-re-600/reviews/11173
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My review here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-re-600/reviews/11286



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how much of an upgrade over Hifiman RE-262 is the RE-600 ?

anyone here who owns/owned both ?


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i bit the bullet and bought a brand new pair going for 300$ , ever since i tried them i rally wanted to hear them extensively and this seemed too good a deal to pass up

Let's hope the package arrives safe and sound as it has to do quite a journey (Canada---> Greece)

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