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Defiantly I will look into it after Christmas if no one can offer one before then hint hint ;-)
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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

cn11 are you selling your fit eart 334? oh my god


They aren't dark sound is sublime, despite the loads of clarity and detail still have wide soundstage, outstanding separation, excellent mids and great extension at both ends with crisp highs and kickass subbass :gs1000smile:


Lol Moonyeol


Yep, and they're gone today.

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And that's a whole lot of money right there. Well, we're all happy for you. I'm sorting out the paperwork right now; I sent a request to the government to enable human/iem partnership.
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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

a good comparation with the phonaks is required xD





I can't do a good comparison because I don't have the PFE 232 anymore so take this with a grain of salt, what I can say is that PFE 232 is really more V shaped...


Bass is enjoyable, very textured and deep, but not more impact and rumble than the FA-4.


Medium weight and body is way less present than the FA-4, it's something that I did'nt like about them, to much thin, to my ears, something is missing.


Medium/treble transition was a little bit piercing, not sibilant but to much energic for my tastes.


Treble was to my ears to much present in a little bit unnatural way... well extended but there was a pike somewhere that was fatiguing for long listening sessions.


That gave a kind of "bright" and thinny overall sound.... with a big bass emphasis in proportion with the rest of the spectrum. 


PFE 232 have less details and dynamics/contrasts. 


Soudstage was very good, deep, I don't remember if it's as good as on the FA-4 but I think they perhaps are on par. 


To my ears, the FA-4 have more presence and body all over the frequ. 

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Great I was a bit curious about it, it's is attached to page number 1 now it will be for sure helpful to other people...a friend of mine told me more or less the same that the pfe were more too v shaped with piercing treble and overall less detailed and less balanced and not as good technically.

cn11 you sold them in one day not bad, did you think in this combo: ps4+custom tips+150 dollars after market cable biggrin.gif  burn the money

I updated the pics too
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CRAP! Got the Fiio cable. It's more or less stuck now... any ideas on how to get it out?
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When i had it also seemed stucked, but i had no problem to replace it the stock cable was very stucked the first attempts also

In btw and once you have solved your prob do you like the fiio rc sound?

also in btw I'm using poweramp android apk to solve the tamed highs of the pearl from effect studio cable(it's the only cable i have right now) and i must say I'm getting amazing results, I've boosted the treble about 30 per cent and also boosted a bit the mids and the sound connected to the modded ibasso d4 mamba is awesome, it's the first time i use eq like that I've always used the presets and are awful compared to a personal eq, I've paid 3 euros for this app but it will keep me for a while to buy a new cable so price wasn't bad xD although I'm not used to pay for apps evil_smiley.gif
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Worked out. I took a kitchen towel to get a better grip of both cable and housing. I haven't done any A/B comparisons yet. And I came from stock and Apex Glacier to Fiio and Galaxy S4. So no good comparison. I like that you have no problem imagining paying 150€ for a cable but usually don't buy apps. Haha. Check the picture below. very_evil_smiley.gif
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You made it!, nice pic waiting for your comparations, I manage to make sound the stock cable and changed to my eq effect studio cable and man difference is really there specially in resolution and soundstage while stock still retain a bit more of sparkle in the highs... but only a bit due the eq 


why pay for apps just google them apk :ph34r: 

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I generally don't like comparing with EQ. I will take a few days getting used to the sound signatures, swapping cables and tip rolling. I also got a Fiio cable for my UE900 and the ASG-2 takes the same cables as my FA's. So it's going to be interesting. There will certainly be an in depth review later.
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Just my first thoughts. I don't hear that much improvement with other cables. But I think it's easier to hear differences when flaws are corrected than when you're already close to 100% satisfied from the start with stock cables.
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agree the amps sounds great with the stock cable and i have to eq my 70 dollars cable because the treble is not as present and still can't reach that high , next time I'll get wesone epic cable on a local store and get 3 years of warranty instead of buying an expensive cable from china, i regret the purchase. 


Maybe it's a bit contradictory from what Ive wrote above but I'm using the stock cable now and i prefer the sound of it to the more expensive due the treble and the balance, the eq was just a dream hehe

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This thread is busy, Kurt. People are discovering FA-4. In my case, it was a blind purchase and I'm glad I did it and soon after I was forced to sell all my other IEMs that were collecting dust.


As promised, an A/B with IE800 made with AK120, flac and no amp. That's just my opinion and my English is far from good...



Tiny, well built, cable seems very resistant but its short and produces too much microphonics which may be unbearable for some.

Bass is one of the best I've heard to date, reminding me Sony EX1000. Amazing sub bass, not bloated and not interfering with mids and highs. Although a little strong for my taste, its a pleasant listening experience.Mids also very good, detailed, but polite due to less extension; highs extended, may sound sibilant to some and thin to others, but pairs really well with the sub bass monster it delivers.



Weaker sub bass but better mid bass, although punchy when needed, sounds a bit loose in comparison interfering a little with the other frequencies. Mids are full, engaging, can't explain exactly but the feeling is the singer's voice is alive, more convincing. Highs not so extended and detailed, but never sibilant, maybe more to the neutral side and therefore less fatiguing. Deeper soundstage



In general, IE800 is brighter, more detailed, excellent instrument separation, better bass, wider soundstage. Comfortable, but may not seal accordingly and that microphonics..oh boy..what a hassle.

FA-4 has a fuller sound overall, better imaging, plays louder (5 to 7 notches), zero issues with cable, ergonomics, sealing, comfort..


So, which one is better? For me, although IE800 shines in some aspects, its shortcomings really bother in everyday use. FA-4, on the other hand, never disappoint enough and you just forget something is lacking. In conclusion, as of today, my IE800 belongs to someone else.


This FA-4 is a real keeper....Cheers...

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haha yeah this is getting out of hand, thanks for your comparations sect, they are also fun to read it seems the other phones always win by a bit but after that you keep the amps in your wallet xD

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