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For people searching for tips, i tried the sensorcom biflange and even if it's a little bit difficult to insert them due to different diameter (bore) the result after that is very good, speaking about sound and comfort. 

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well done, hope someone do a complete review but I'm not very good describing iems xD



You have done such a bad/terrible job describing iems and yet look how many people are here and have purchased.

Imagine how many if you did an excellent job.  Congrats.


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Together we can do it!
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Man I have been following this thread a while and the curiosity just grows. Just about got all my Christmas shopping done which has left me flat broke lol. Just wondering if any one was in the u.k and wanted to help a fellow head fier try a demo of these bad boys ? Thanks guys
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this thread sounds like a big seduction for newcomers, make you want FA4b. perhaps next year i order audition samples from FA4 and JH16.... and also SD3 to compare.

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Sounds good to me mate honestly spend far too much time on this site i just don't post much but defiantly get em in if i had a bottomless wallet i would have opened a demo shop up for the world by now ;-)  

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Thanks Cecala!


dnun8086 you bought the pfe 232 instead of the fa 4e if I remember well?

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Listening to Beck's Sea Change on the Sony F807/ FA-4E combo is just amazing... the clarity of the guitars and quality of the recording are just mind blowing on the Fischer Amps... 

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In the spanish forum the fa 4e didn't got any atention apart from 2 people, they were available on a local met people tried them about 15 seconds and said they were too dark LOL instead of that people keep buying the um 30 pro from ebay while they could spend a bit more and get 3 years and the fa 4e from thomann, crazy. Westone and shure rules!!
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The FA-4E dark? To me the sound signature is anything but that. Just detailed, extended, yet smooth. Very, very nice sounding. 

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Too much pride left in Europe to accept more local German offerings wink.gif better appeal to the winning side.
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cn11 are you selling your fit eart 334? oh my god


They aren't dark sound is sublime, despite the loads of clarity and detail still have wide soundstage, outstanding separation, excellent mids and great extension at both ends with crisp highs and kickass subbass :gs1000smile:


Lol Moonyeol

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I think i know who is responsible for the sale. Mohahaha.
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kurdt-bada good memory man yeah the phonak are outstanding really need amping to reach their full potential IMO the govibe martini + seems to make them more mid centric and more full sounding brilliant iems just got the upgrade bug lol
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a good comparation with the phonaks is required xD

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