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I have been  a long time fan of the UE TripleFi 10s..... signature.


I recently purchased the UE900 and what a disappointment..... they took out the fun factor...... less bass and less treble...... and worse of all, very hard to fit properly.....  I returned them.


Then I purchase the Sony quad drivers and I  really enjoyed the sound signature and comfort, however, without a doubt the Triple Fi were about two steps higher sound quality wise. The Sonys sounded a little congested in comparison while the UEs were fuller + better clarity. I returned them too....


While I was checking the Shure 8400 I checked this thread about FA4.


I wonder how would these ones compare to the UE Triple Fi out of an Ipod Touch 5 + NO eq.



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It's been a while since I owned the TF10, and IEM I did enjoy, BTW. But, from memory, the FA-4 should be a clear step up.

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Burtonchell owned the triple fi, check his comparation in the first page between the sd3 and the fa 4e xb he also compared a bit the amps with the triple fi

It seems the amps share the same signature more or less but improved
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The only other measurement Fischer Amps uses as comparison is the TF10 and I thus assume the XB versions were designed to appeal to the users of TF10.


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ah no, this is where music4321 is hiding?

Music, do not you agree Madonna's marathons were great, especially the album from Dick Tracey movie which surprisingly few audiophiles off are aware and which is pretty non standard for Madonna wink.gif

your review of FA4 intrigued me so much that perhaps when come cold time and i stay home for weekends then i might finally follow James advice and order audition sample, curious how FA4 will stand my marathons :-)))))))
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Music, do you like dead flat frequency response? I have these babies and can asssure studio monitor type sound, very damn flat one :-P
And i am happy this is now not only my opinion but of the guy who is professional reviewer.


No matter how you use them, the common factor is a great midrange. Vocals are clear and distinct, acoustic guitar clear and vivid and precise and there’s nothing in the way of fatigue in the midrange presentation at all. Get the right tips and that great midrange extends up and down. Musical Fidelity has patently gone after a very flat overall frequency response, which might come as a bit of a surprise when used to the more tailored sound of many earbuds and IEMs, especially some of the more popular crowd pleasers with big, overblown bass or a gently rolled off treble.
The EB-50s do none of these things. They do honesty. Studio monitor-like honesty. And honesty whispering this close to your ear can be a discomforting experience, especially when faced with something clipped and compressed and brash enough to sell millions of downloads. The super-clean high frequencies are a boon when listening to well-recorded music – especially well-recorded classical music – but can shorten your desire for exposure to lo-fi sounds. Similarly, those who measure their bass by the yard might find the sound of the EB-50 too lean; but in fact, the balance is about right – play female vocal, solo piano or spoken word (the three great arbiters of tonal accuracy) and the EB-50 doesn’t disappoint. They are inherently uncolored, dynamic and fast, just as good hi-fi always should be.
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^   I think on the whole my ears tend to appreciate / lean more towards a flatter FR, both with speakers and full-sized headphones.

I've spoken in the past about FR charts specifically for IEMs—graphs which don't always convince me. I'm not inclined to discuss the subject again, repeat myself, and possibly turn this thread into a measurements thread (as interesting as that may be to some people).


The Etymotic ER-4S type of FR sounds somewhat wrong to these ears, or not as right as it's often made out to be. The flatter speakers & headphones I've heard seem to mimic much more accurately /realistically what I hear in the real world. So, I find that several IEMs that don't appear to be officially—oh, those often revered graphs—as 'accurate' / 'flat' / 'correct'  / 'neutral' as the Etymotics sound, in fact, (a lot) more convincing / lifelike to me. Not all IEM graphs I've seen have seemed wrong to me, but certainly more than a handful.

**Please note I've not actually heard the ER-4S (because of the ear-raping method of insertion required to get optimal SQ), but I did own the FitEar F111, a much more ergonomic IEM which was inspired by the ER-4S — reports by those who have heard both IEMs side-by-side have stated that the F111 is indeed very, very, very close sonically to the ER-4S.

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Carlsan what happened to your parcel!?

I saw your impressions of the heir 5.0 it will be great to compare them with the amps!
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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

Carlsan what happened to your parcel!?

I saw your impressions of the heir 5.0 it will be great to compare them with the amps!


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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

Carlsan what happened to your parcel!?

I saw your impressions of the heir 5.0 it will be great to compare them with the amps!

Still waiting, not sure what happened to the earphones. Coming up on a couple of weeks. They mailed out on the 16th.

I thought I had received my SD3's from Thomann's within a week of ordering them.

If so, then the FA-4's are taking much longer.

It is possible that they are stuck in US customs, held up by a lack of staff to check incoming packages, as a result of the sequestration cuts.


Needless to say, I'm a bit on the nervous side, but hoping for the best.

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Carlsans Impressions for the Heir 5. I've posted it here for all to see and compare.with the Fischers when he finally receives them from customs.


"Here are my impressions after listening to them off and on for a week.


Clarity is it's strength. These really show off music with great clarity but without being clinical in any way and without loosing out on any of the fun factor.

Laid back - these aren't going to give you any harshness at the top end, nor major slam on the bottom end. They give you enough bass to keep one satisfied, mind you, but they are not bass monsters. And they are not sibilant.


Like any earphone, they work best with a real tight seal. Once you get that, in my case using Ortofon medium tips, then you are set to go. 


They work really well with a variety of music styles, unlike some earphones that have strengths with particular genres.


Major weakness seems to be sound stage. To my ears they sound somewhat congested, like everyone is really close on stage, and you are standing feet away. 


Over all the Heir 5's are quite an excellent earphone".



Clarity seems to be abundant here too and from what I've read in the Heir thread the 4ai are superior to the 5's in that they have no congestion. The 5's and 4Ai models would make for a good comparison with the one on topic here.

Though for me the 5 having no soundstage means........Bye, Bye.

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Don't you have a track number?

Thanks for posting that Cecala i didn't put much attention to the heir 5.0 as they come from China so i really don't know their strongs-weakness, customs in Spain since some years ago are really stopping most of the parcels which come from outside europe, so the amps were the easiest way to me to buy a 4 ba iem at a good price the w4 cost here around 450 euros while the amps cost like the um3x.
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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

Don't you have a track number?


Thomann's did not give me one on the order page but did on the email confirmation.

It was last seen at IPZ-Ffm. Not a good thing, as DHL have been known to ship by SEA!  mad.gif

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I should add, that was on the 20th - 8 days ago!!!

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