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Interesting i get why you mean about the edginess of the sound but overall i quite like them maybe i shall try more tip rolling before settling comfort is a big thing especially if im planning on having them in my ears for hours at a time i tried a few double flange tips unfortunately did not sit comfortably in my ears :(   

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Originally Posted by Kurdt-bada View Post

Rawster it's a bit silly question considering the price difference but which do you prefer as universal iem the mentor or the fa 4e+custom tips+custom cable?


Guys you should try the sensorcom double flange tips while bass is decreased, clarity and treble are remarcable I still prefer the sound of custom tips but not by much, I've also tried the sony hybrids from my ex1000 but the treble sounded harsh and detail and clarity aren't on par with sensorcom tips which overall sound much better imo


I enjoy both of them equally. I use them for different purposes however. I was using the Mentor at work while the FA-4 is better suited for when I want more isolation. However if you want to know which is better then it is the Mentor by a good amount. It's a step up but there are diminishing returns.

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Well thinking about it the Mentor isn't super expensive if you don't have to pay custom taxes adding the 2 years of warranty which seems they have... if you compare them to the earsonics sme 6 for example which are more expensive 990 euros (mentor are 960 euros at change) and only have 1 year of warranty or the shure 846 cost here around 990 euros, and i guess the mentor will also blow them technically so if your wallet is at that level i guess they are a pretty nice option

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Can't wait unique melody sent me an email there getting samples of the mentor here in the u.k names down on the list cant wait to try em !!!!!!!! Just a quick question rawrster i tried out the miracle loved them according to the website they manged to improve the mids which would have been my only slight gripe. So basically how do the mentors hold up with regards to the mids are they forward neutral warm etc ??? Thanks in advanced 

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Are the sockets on the amps the same as the tf10's anybody know ??
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Yes it's the same size for the space between the pins, but no because pins on FA4 are not recessed as those for the TF10/SF5pro/...

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Brilliant thanks smily_headphones1.gif
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Hi there, I was recommended these earphones in another thread. I'm a bit cautious about buying them without trying them out first and so I had a couple of questions and would appreciate who owns them responding:

1) How good is the isolation and is there another earphone it can be compared to? I would be using them mostly for commuting and I tend to listen at low volumes.

2) I've read in this thread that the bass is decent, but how prominent is it? For example, I wasn't a fan of the Klipsch x10s as I found the bass overshadowed the mids and highs.

3) Are they picky about the source they are paired with? I would be playing music from a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact or iPad without an amp.
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Hi lolhart I won't comment too much on the sound they are brilliant but its worth mentioning if your a lover of vocals i would recommend something else. The mids are extremely clear but not extremely intimate anyway.


Isolation Is fantastic im sure this only improves with custom ear tips. 9/10 


Bass is fantastic i did own the klipsch x10's the bass on the amps is far better cleaner but fatter its more about sub bass slam rather than a blurry array of bass.


Can't comment too much on source but these are one of the few earphones i own which sound good out of every piece of equipment i own. 


So hope that helps i'm sure the guys can help you out on making a more informed decision also check out the impressions and links on page 1. 

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Lolhart these are a steal for the price considering 500 dollars aren't a bargain so...
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They are kind of tip dependent and can range from more relaxed and bassy to a bit more V-shaped and aggressive/more edge. I find vocals to be good but they are more about the whole presentation.
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do not like them sensorcom double flange tips. overall just wish i hadn't spent £8 but ah well lesson learnt i think they may be great for straight iems like the soundmagic e10. I was trying to avoid the custom tips for as long as i could but looks like i may dive in.  Anyone tried the rha audio tips ???

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Sorry I find the sound with sensorcom brighter with very good detail, treble is more extended and good soudstage but bass is decreased with my d4 amp bass impact is heavy so this combination is very good; but straight out a normal source like an iphone the bass with this tips could be not enough for some people. I exactly see the same benefits of this tips with the fa 4e as with my old sm3.

With custom tips you retain all the detail and clarity of the most detailed tips plus bigger soundstage and better bass extension-impact
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Yeah I get what your saying I agree for the most part unfortunately I just didn't find the detailing any better frown.gif I can live without the bass but I do like a good overall balance whatever tips I'm using right now are awesome they're not sony hybrids but have a similar shape ??
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maybe detail is the same but clarity is top notch with this tips :cool:

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