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I think I'm going to sell my E17 and headphones. Better gear is making me hate the way Metal is recorded. Maybe I'm too old and only remember the good old days...


I dunno, I got to love Metal more with the HD600 (also the 700-series AKGs) and my Cantate.2 (as if I thought that was even possible before!) because the sound is flatter, less grain, the instruments are better sorted out (great for when the band uses a symphony and choir) and easier to pin point, etc. Metallica's old albums actually are recorded a lot better than St. Anger (which was recorded a little too loud - I have pop and audiophile albums set louded than Ride the Lightning and Blackest), but then again, recording quality wasn't the problem with that album but their strange integration of Nu Metal bass guitar (which honestly only really works for Korn and Mudvayne).


If anything, the only reason I would have loved metal more is if my high school band all went to take literature and philosophy. Unfortunately our lead guitarist and bassist took up ECE and I went into Political Economy, so basically going to the same university isn't going to get around the academic workload to allow for going around bands playing gigs for free until we get enough fans to make even an EP cost-effective. So by now I'm really into audio as a listener and ditto the bassist and drummer, who I dragged into Hi-Fi shows and headphone meets after graduation.