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Sony Walkman F Series cases

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Does anyone know were i can find some cases for this mp3 player. I can only find very few....






A lil pricey tho

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hmm been wanting to ask the same exact question myself,for the most part i found the same results as you did,and while i do want to keep my player safe and looking new, i am a little apprehensive about spending $45-$50 on a protective case.


so far the only financially sensible alternative i have found is the armor suite military shield sold through amazon



if i do pony up 50 dollars it will be for a clear case like this one



or for roughly 46 dollars you can get one of these soft cases ($32.80 + $12.80 for shipping from overseas)



hope that helps some,and if by chance you find any other alternates or cases for other models which would fit the F series walkman please let me know.if i find any other i will post here.

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seems there are a few variations on the armoursuit military sheild protective casings,this one is the one i have decided to order since it is clear and will protect the entire case and screen of the walkman (as will the other designs)



here is one more from the same company in white



and for roughly 16 dollars (cost plus shipping before tax) any of these armorsuit military sheild covers seem to be the best choice price wise.they seem to get favorable reviews as well.

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