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For Sale: FS Westone Um2

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For Sale:
FS Westone Um2

Will Ship To: CONUS

I've found myself not needing a variety of headphones at present so I'm moving most of my gear to fuel other hobbies. All items will come with their full accessories and boxes. CONUS. Prices are shipped via Priority if gifted. Otherwise add the paypal fee %. Will do locally if you are in Denver.


Thanks for looking!


1) Hifiman He-400: Comes with the original accessories, as well as velour pads. Purchased from Moon-audio  in late March, and is the most recent driver as far as I understand. They have at most 100 hours on them. $315 Sold.


2) Schiit Modi DAC, purchased with Hifiman. Will come in box with accessories. $80 Sold


3) Vmoda M-80 Shadow. Bought these secondhand here last fall. Probably have something around 200 hours on them. Still in great physical condition. $85 SOLD.


4) Westone Um2: In good condition, with all accessories seen in picture. Bought these in fall 2012, so a decent amount of time left on the warranty which I will include. Had to purchase at full blast NYC retail which cost me $303, but being IEM's with 150+ hours I feel $150 is fair. PROCESSING  SOLD


5) Pa2v2 portable amp by Gary: Starter Amp, great price. Comes with the rechargeable batteries and accessories. $45 SOLD

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Would you be open to any form of a trade for the westones?

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I suppose it depends on whats on the table?

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Originally Posted by kwonberry View Post

I suppose it depends on whats on the table?

I have a pair of studio monitors, along with a rackmount amp, all the cabling, a 16ch mixer by behringer, and a Stanton t80 turntable with a new cartridge (will also include the amp/dj mixer with that).

I also have a pair of sennheiser hd570 symphony editions.

If you're interested in any of it or a combination of sorts, let me know.

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