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Oh I thought you guys were ignoring me sorry. But anyways is the MDR-NC7 or NC8 bad or something? I thought they are good Sony headphones for noise cancelling for the price point they are sold for. I just wanted to know if the NC7 or NC8 was better over all for comfort and lower the jet engine sound.

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Originally Posted by DustinBroke View Post

Also I do have OCD so when I like something I do stick with them the best I can and compare and find the best one I can get. Also when I want to compare something I usually just want to compare two items and if I wanted to know about other items then I would ask what is the best headphones for certain type but I was just asking between the MDR-NC7 and the MDR-NC8 and I am kinda sad that you guys don't want to help and you were ignoring or did I take it wrong and you weren't ignoring me you guys were just too busy with other topics on replying?

I think that the biggest problem here is that none of us have those.


Most of us here use headphones that are over $100. 


This is more of an enthusiast headphone audio forum so it is going to be hard to find someone that owns both the NC7 and NC8's. It's like going to a Bugatti owners forum and asking which model of the Volkswagon Beetle is the best one. (volkswagon group owns Bugatti)


It's hard for us to give you an answer.


However personally I would say that which ever one sounds best to you is the best one. How much you personally like the headphones is a MUCH bigger deal than how much we think.


Have a good day dude.

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So I guess this forums is not for people who are in a tight budget and are comparing lower end headphones asking which sounds better. I thought this forums was for every headphones related stuff from low end to high end.

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Originally Posted by DustinBroke View Post

So I guess this forums is not for people who are in a tight budget and are comparing lower end headphones asking which sounds better. I thought this forums was for every headphones related stuff from low end to high end.

This forum is.


Comparing headphones that are not popularily bought however is a bigger problem.


This thread of yours is mainly asking for our opinions on the two headphones and for which ones out of the two NC's is better which doesn't leave us much to say.


As for recommendations for people on a tight budget. This is the forum for this. But Sony's rarely get recommendations for low budget people as other brands have way better products for the price.

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Originally Posted by bowei006 View Post

Comparing headphones that are not popularily bought however is a bigger problem.


This thread of yours is mainly asking for our opinions on the two headphones and for which ones out of the two NC's is better which doesn't leave us much to say.



This, pretty much. We get a lot of threads asking us to compare two specific headphones that no one's heard of, or, if anyone's heard one it's highly unlikely he's heard the other... obviously this will result in not many people replying with the type of clear-cut answer you're looking for.

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I'd say forget about those models. I've heard a much higher-end Sony noise canceller (I just remembered that I had), and while the audio portion wasn't terrible (certainly not a prize, either), the NC was worse than useless. It actually amplified outside noise. This was the NC-60, which sold for $200 before it was discontinued. Something tells me if Sony has discovered the secret to a NC circuit that actually works, I highly doubt they've put the technology in something that retails for < $30.


Noise cancelling headphones as a class are fraught with compromise, are usually remarkably expensive given their level of audio performance, often don't actually provide much noise cancellation, anyway; and are seldom (if ever) a good value. If somehow the NC7 or NC8 broke that trend (actually obliterated would be a better term, at their price), there would be 3,409 different threads about the new Holy Grail of noise cancellers, and Tyll Hertsens would have posted an article on InnerFidelity about the newest headphone on his Wall of Fame.


Those things haven't happened, and it seems nobody who has heard these things has seen fit to post up, so I'd say pass. If you want something that actually cancels noise effectively, you're going to have to spend a lot more, or else get yourself a pair of IEMs.




Not that this is going to do the least lick of good, but you know, I'm bored and it's a nice evening so I'm in a decently good mood. I also didn't think I'd ever get a chance to talk about the NC-60 on here, so now I can cross that off my bucket list.

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Btw I thought IEM means stuff you buy at a local store like you get original package, manual, cables, etc. I know OEM means you only get the headphones and nothing else so that's why usually you can get a better deal on them. Like OEM video cards for computer are cheaper since they don't come with box or anything. But what do get is ones that comes with box, manual, cables, etc so I thought that's called IEM.



But eather way I did get the NC8 since they are the newest model and they are comfortable and do sound great. But I had once tried the NC6 and NC7 and never actually owned them but I remember that the NC6 sounds great like the NC8 but seems like the NC6 tried to cancel the 300hz more than the NC8 but I can't remember since it's been a while since I heard both. I remember that the sound of the NC7 didn't have much bass compared to the NC6 or the NC8. From what I remember that the NC6 and NC8 does have about the same sound but maybe the NC8 sounds little more better. Also I remember that the NC6 was more of a open type headphones so you can hear sounds around you but when you turn the switch on then it would lower the 300hz area a lot. The NC8 seems like since it's closed type that it also muffles the sound around you and also takes the 300hz away a little. Come to think of it I think I actually owned the NC6 back in 2009 since I remember I got it from Japan and used it back home to Omaha. I forgot they stopped working since I spilled water on the headphones LOL. I wasn't able to fix it so I tossed it.



I got the NC7 and tried them and then I returned them and get something else.



But what do you guys think about the headphones? Or am I the only one so far knows this much about them? The main reason I ask others also is because then I can see if my review on what I think on my headphones are the same or so since if they are the same then I know that I was right on what I thought about them. I know everyone hears sound differently so I wanted to know what others think about the headphones I' am testing out.


But now I only have the NC8 but I wonder if I should get the NC7 instead since I think it lowered the 300hz more rather than muffling the sound and little bit lower the 300hz. But I think the NC8 are more comfortable since the pads are softer. Also the NC8 doesn't come with carry bag like the NC7 or NC6 did for some odd reason.

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Btw does the Maxell NC-III work better than the Sony headphones? They are cheaper but I don't know if they work well. I can't remember since I tried them while back but didn't try them long enough that or tried it when flying or so. I just assumed Sony would be better since it's a better brand the Maxell so that's why I was focusing on Sony also I' am more of a Sony fan.



But today is the first time I tried the NC8 btw but still trying to decide if I should get the NC7 or the Maxell NC-III or maybe even the NC6 that I use to have back in 2009.

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I've heard both the NC8 and NC7. The NC7 sounded absolutely horrid (I was loaned a pair when I forgot headphones for a bus ride. I couldn't even enjoy my music.) and the NC8 was a bit of a step up, but...for a plane, I'd go with IEMs. Most <$40 non-Sony IEMs would sound better than either of them. There's nothing wrong with Sony as a brand, but there's just nothing in their line that I like that's under $200 other than the V6 and ZX700...wait the ZX700 is $21 online. The ZX700 don't have noise cancellation, but iirc, the NC7 and NC8's NC basically didn't work better than isolation. But I don't remember the ZX700 having particularly good isolation...so back to IEMs. Seriously, they'll work better than NC in your price range. What kind of sound do you want?

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Ya I remember the bass was lacking on the NC7 but I though that they cancelled out more of the engine sound than the NC8 but I don't know. I did notice that the NC8 was more of a headphone that blocks outside sound rather than a headphone that just lowers the engine sound like around 300hz. Kinda reminds me of the Sennheiser HD280 I did try those at Best Buy at the headphone display and all they did was block every sound out there. I remember the NC6 was open type and they just took the 300hz and lowered it but when I tried the NC7 they did muffle the outside sound more and did little less lowering on the 300hz area but maybe it was just my ears thinking that. Now with the one I have which is the NC8 they seem to mostly block everything and just little bit lower the 300hz area. But the sound for the NC8 sounded way better overall then the NC7 since the NC8 had more bass or so. But I think that you need to turn up the volume more on the NC8 than the NC6 or 7 to get the same loudness as the older models. But it does say on the box for the NC8 that the noise cancelling feature works for the low frequency sounds like airplanes, trains, etc and if less effective on higher sounds like human voices. This is good since I do need to hear when people are trying to talk to me but the engine sound is what I want to lower down like the jet engine.

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Maybe not for your plane trip, but I'd recommend any Sony headphone fanboy (or any headphone enthusiast really) to at least try the Sony V6. It's sound is pretty unique in the Sony lineup. It's has a more "fun" (a really nice thump in the bass and sparkly treble) than the rest of Sony's current pro headphones, but is very neutral compared to most of their consumer headphones. 


Keeping recommendations for IEM's from Sony only. Good choices anywhere near your price range would be





On the XBA-1

As far as the whole presentation goes, XBA-1 is the kind that does nothing wrong, but also nothing spectacularly well. As a single BA, the level of performance is still very admirable and definitely some of the best among sub-$100 single BA.



The 10 and C10  are later modifications to the XBA-1 design. 

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you want noise isolation? the etymotic research hf5 is the best in terms of that that I have ever come across. however, its probably more expensive than you would like to pay for if you are really really really on a budget... it should be selling for about 100 bucks new as street price. also I cant promise you will like its sound signature and it also isn't sony rolleyes.gif I don't have any sony iem but I think iem is the way to go for you if you want isolation. noise cancelling most likely will not beat iems that have tight seals in terms of noise isolation. the best headphone in terms of being able to actively cancel out noise that I have listened to is the bose qc15, it also sounds decent to me but for the price, you can probably find something that is better sounding. the price is 300 bucks which I guess you don't want to pay for that much and it also isn't sony... I think the sony 1R (current sony's flagship and its a closed full sized headphone) sounds pretty good for 200 bucks street price and it also has a noise cancelling version that sells for more if I remember correctly. i don't know how the noise cancelling version sounds like though... never had any experience with the noise cancelling version. i also don't own the 1R, just auditioned it for a very short time in a sony store. i was also able to audition the v6 there, good for the price too. good luck with your search dude. i personally would say stay away from noise cancelling technology... and also i would advise not being too brand-centric, i also like sony as a brand but its nice to try out new brands too, don't you think? wink.gif like others have mentioned, this is more of an enthusiast's forum, so a lot of the cheaper and lower end models may be a bit neglected...

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