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I did a search and found a post about Koss' release of the RUK line up. However, there wasn't any review available. I was just wondering whether someone had tried the RUK30. If so, I'd be really happy to get any kind of feedback.


I am thinking of getting replacement earbuds, and my current options are the Soundmagic PL11 / Sennheiser MX680/5 and maybe the Koss RUK30 if someone puts in a good word for it.


Most of the music I listen to would be kind of mellow (jazz, light rock, pop, etc.) If you have other suggestions, I'd be more than glad to hear it.


Thanks in advance!


(Sorry, now I just realised that it is in the wrong section. I was pretty sure that I clicked on Portables. Unfortunately, I cannot edit this part. Sorry for the hassle. If someone can, please transfer the thread to the correct section of the "Portables." Thanks!)

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