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For Sale:
BeyerDynamic DT-880 Pro 250Ω. Very good condition, under 50 hours of use.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are the Beyer-Dynamic DT-880's. I'll get up pictures soon but be ready for new. I don't use them ever since I bought different headphones, these do not fit my sound signature. They do have an incredible soundstage and accuracy. I just need a lot of bass in my music, for example I bought the V-Moda M100's and I am way happier about them. 


Condition: Pristine. Headband shows next to no use. I put tape around the wire right before the 3.5mm plug on DAY ONE to prevent it from a lot of bending. The earpads (most comfortable things ever) show no wear whatsoever. If anything these things are just freshly broken in and ready for heavy use. I only turned them up really high once or twice when I was aching for some bass, but just never did what I wanted to. I never used them for loudness, but just their accuracy. These things will still get SO loud if you want them to. 


Next to the HE-400's they are the brightest headphones I have ever heard. Plenty of treble. I think with a lot of music the sound signature these have work incredibly well. 


The cheapest pair I could find today online was $240 after a 15% coupon, I was going to sell these for $190 considering their condition. 


Going to miss these still in a lot of ways, mostly their comfort and soundstage. I even had a post up for these months ago and when I got a response I said they were gone, even though they weren't. I was strangely attached to them. But now after such little use, I think its time to let them go. 


If you haven't owned a Beyer-Dynamic headphone before, be ready for extreme comfort. After an hour or two of use, they literally feel like they have disappeared on your head and the sound is coming from the air around you. One time late at night I kept the sound off with my headphones on for a long time. I turned a song on after a while and with their crazy soundstage I thought the sound was coming through my speakers! This happened to me again as I was typing this I turned on Beethoven's Furelise and it literally sounds like they are coming from speakers around me, not headphones. It is so cool, and is why I will miss these. 

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