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Awesome right? For that small. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by m-i-c-k-e-y View Post

USB only bro, but right now everything has usb.


plugs to anything (PC, Mac, Linux, Android)


Right, not CD transports... Nor many standalone media servers, etc. USB is great if you trust the USB interface (which, presumably one should with HiFace), and if you, you know, have USB on the device you need. But it's not as universal as S/PDIF.

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hi m-i-c-k-e-y , i'm hesitating between this hiface and the microstreamer, portability is very important for me. Microstreamer has a built in amp wich is an advantage over hiface. But could you give us a feedback on battery life and sound quality please ? Why did you choose the hiface over the microstreamer? do you think it could be use directly , with headphone but mostly with IEM ? thx
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I got this DAC last week as the analog out of my Mac was acting up in a maddening way – and it was high time I upgraded the desktop system again anyhow. Using it in combo with my Headroom Cosmic and HD600. I will soon cross-check with my trusty AQVOX as I feel that it might be a little lacking in terms of bass authority … but then again this could very well be due to it being hard on bad recordings. I am of course still adapting to it but so far I'd say it is a pretty nice little dac, money well spent. This coming from a guy with strong issues against things that do not allow for a massively upgraded power supply smily_headphones1.gif (yeah I know there's that battery thing but … come on… ).


Oh, and hi head-fi, it's been a while.

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@ cedou97yon


Sorry for the late reply...(Hey its summer!).


Had problems lately with the the USB Recorder Pro when I updated my Xperia Z to the latest firmware (hangs after two or three songs). So I could not give you a battery test for the moment.


Kindly pm SV_huMMer he has the Dac also using a Samsung S3.


  • Was looking for a portable Dac with at least 24/192 capability for my smartphone. And came across with m2tech.

My reason for choosing the m2tech are: small, 32/384 capability, multi-platform (Win, Mac, IOS, Linux, Android). When Wicked Digital (http://www.wickeddigital.com.au/information/audio-product-reviews/354-m2tech-hiface-dac-review) and What Hifi (http://www.whathifi.com/blog/m2tech-hiface-dac-hands-on-review) gave resounding reviews, I said got to have those.


Reason for not choosing Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer or microStreamer is that they support only upto 24/96 (have a ton of 24/192 files).


m2tech Hiface DAC is designed as a preamp so amp is neaded. However it drives my HD-25 at very acceptable levels. I need an amp for my PFE 232 though.


Here is a review and comparsion with Dragonfly (http://www.audiostream.com/content/m2tech-hiface-dac).


My impressions on my very limited (audiophile) experience:

This shines when you go high-def (24/192).

Had three albums of Norah Jones in 24/192 - impressions - Its very musical and liquid: definitions, texture, voices are conveyed while maintaining its smoothness and sweetness (analog like).  Neither has a full/rich mid and substantial low end but the decay of instruments at end of phrases however are very realistic.

Trying 2L's 24/352.4 Britten's Simple Symphony resulted a big dynamics and huge soundstage. Like everything was there.


Overall, VERY VERY NICE! I am very happy with my 230euro acquisition.


Too bad had a glitch right now with my USB Recorder Pro.  The dev says he has problems with 32bit DACs (may be a consideration for your purchase).  It worked for me before. Maybe I'll just wait.  Right now I am using it in my laptop using JRiver. With iZotope Ozone for adjustments and upsampling everything to 32/384 when playing.


Hope it helps.    

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Well, after 2 weeks burn-in, I really like the sound of this little flash-size dac. I'm using the M2TECH to drive my speakers thru Block VR-100 receiver and a Graham Slee Solo plugging thru the tape out. Comparing to my other dac, the audio-gd 11.32, I get more liquid, smooth, feel and a more tighter bass. Get more hi-rez that are 24bit 192kHz files, I wanted to get another dac  to handle those, I think I found one. I bought a iFi iDac before settled in for this, for whatever reason, I could get iDac to work with my system (bought 2 of them, both dead right-out-box).The $300 dollar dac market is get full, right now, the M2TECH hiFace is worthy of all press it gets.

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Had mine about 2 weeks now and very impressed.  Integrated into my budget system (Asus laptop running J River MC18, Pioneer A20 amp, Revolver Audio Music One speakers, Audioquest cables & connects) replacing a cheap ebay SMSL DAC (which I thought was OK in fairness to it).  Playing files up to 24/192 via JRiver the improvement is very noticeable, music is very spacious and clear, and I'm very pleased with the sound.  What I was not expecting was the even more noticeable improvement in lower quality files.  Streaming Spotify Premium at 320, the quality has improved a huge amount. I'm no expert but it sounds clearer, cleaner treble and deeper, nicely controlled bass. Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase.

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If you didn't do it yet, try upsample sample rate - everything at 384Khz.

Under Tools > Options >   DSP & Output Format > Output Format > Sample Rate.

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Tried the upsampling and for about 10 seconds it sounds great - but then buffers for about the same time, and so on. Guess the Intel Atom in my little Asus Lamborghini might not be quite up to the job?

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Tried increasing buffers?


Under JRiver - Tools>Options>Device Settings>Buffering


Or try changing from ASIO to WASAPI or vice versa under Tools>Options>Audio Device


Or yes, maybe it might be too much for your Intel Atom. I don't know. :triportsad: 

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Since it now works on UARP ver 1.2.7


Somebody requested data for battery drain out.


Played an hour, battery went from 64% to 29% = 35%


Smartphone: Sony Xperia Z

DAC: M2tech Hiface DAC

Amp: Headtage Arrow 4T

IEM: Phonak Audeo PFE 232


Audio App: UARP 1.2.7

Music Played: James Taylor - Sweet Baby James [HDTracks 24-192], Carpenter - Singles 1969-1981 [24-96]


Some notable apps running on background:


WhatsApp, Kaspersky Mobile Security, Weather Services Pro, HD Widgets, Noozoxide Pro, Clean Master, Push Mail, Xperia Home, Google Play, Facebook, Music Unlimited, Swiftkey, Koi

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I am thinking about picking up the M2tech Hiface DAC for a laptop setup, would greatly appreciate some comparisons with Fiio E17 though!

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Originally Posted by bala View Post

I am thinking about picking up the M2tech Hiface DAC for a laptop setup, would greatly appreciate some comparisons with Fiio E17 though!

No comparison. Hands down the M2TECH will kill E17.

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I doubt very much that you could distinguish the two devices by ear alone if you didn't know which was which.


So really it comes down to feature set.


Output impedance is higher on M2Tech so FiiO copes better with a wide range of headphones.



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I expect to use it with the O2 or The Wire (once I finish it!), so not interested in driving directly off the M2tech. But seriously, are they so close in performance? Fiio is almost 100 euros cheaper!

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