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Awei Q5 awareness thread

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Hey guys,so back when I was super cheap on audio, I bought random Philips headphones and what not from the CVS next to my house for 10 dollars. One day I took an adventure on ebay, looked up "headphones", and got a pair of Awei Q5's on ebay. They have since gotten lost, but does anyone know about this company? These headphones compared pretty favorably (from what I can remember) to my Sennheiser CX 280's and it was about 7 dollars on ebay. The bass was great, the cord was really, really good quality (it was a woven fiber, not plastic cord), and the housing was awesome. Anyone else tried these?



I swear to god I don't represent Awei XD

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Nobody seeing this?

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I have Awei Q5 n to me it represent good value for its price ...earphone that you can chuck into yr bag or pouch for everyday use ...not worrying about it getting lost or stolen. Since then I have also bought other Awei such as ES800 n ES600 and liking both of them for the price you pay for it n both of them cost less than USD10.

Both of these have better separation and much more controlled bass compared to Q5. I think Awei are good n represent best value ...also recently got Awei ES10 which is earbud type ...it reminded me when I so into bass heavy earphone ...love them. You got to try it .
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