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Looking for Budget Speakers

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I'm looking for Computer speakers for my Macbook(original). My budget is $20- 40 dollars. I like my speaker to have clear and crisp when I listen to music even the lo-fi indie rock music. Also having bad experiences with computer speakers on my macbook for not having clarity.
What speaker do you recommend?

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I fear you are stuck in a never ending loop if you hope to find anything "clear and crisp" for $40? If fry's is an option


Polk R150 $49



Lepai TA2020 $26



$75 in total


get some speaker wire and u set ^^

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Recently go the GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX for my mom for mother's day. They sounded surprisingly good for small, $26 USB powered speakers.

The Lepai setup trog listed would be dramatically better, though.
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Admittedly, I do not have experience with this set, but I like to follow the hardware on PartsExpress as an interesting alternative to the typical internet retailers, and this set has great user-reviews and is peaking my interest as well:


TeiNuro 2.1 - $35.98


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Double-posted for some reason.

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You might be able to buy some older Polk speakers like the RT25i, R5, RT35i, or RT55i. I would not discount the Monitor 5's. You should be able to get some of these for under $150-40.

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