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I returned mine... unfortunately because I really wanted to love them... just too boomy, needed atleast a token amount of NC, and couldn't take the ear pressure after a short listen.

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Try the non-NC version, I actually prefer the sound of them.
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I think I will wait for V2 when they work out some of these issues.  I am quite sure they are aware.

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The Paradigm sort of fell thru the cracks. I revisited them last night and they are very, very nice....if you like a balanced musical sound....big, full open and clear, not bright or boomy...a shade towards warmth....but no mud or murk.

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i think i am a bit too used to reference flat as in Ety flat or T1 flat.  The Paradigm was certainly boomy and I could not listen to them for more then a few songs at a time.  This was in an otherwise quiet listening environment, perhaps the effect is less pronounced in an airplane cabin with the noise around but to that extent the noise cancellation was non-existent.  On top of that it put too much pressure on my ears and started hurting after a short time.  Just needs some work all around IMHO. Def not what I was expecting from Paradigm, as I have their desktop speakers which are simply amazing.

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Originally Posted by groovyd View Post

Def not what I was expecting from Paradigm, as I have their desktop speakers which are simply amazing.


I have Monitor Series 7 as main, tower speakers, and can't be happier with them, mixed with a Denon amp. So I bought e1 in-ear because they "are voiced matched to Paradigm's Monitor Series speakers". That's so not true. I quickly lost hope though, maybe before they burned… If only I could've try them out before :(

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In my search for a portable headphone at a reasonable price I found a deal on these in CANADA!!! I just ordered them and will post my impressions when they arrrive. Here is the link:

I have never ordered from these guys before so I am crossing my fingers untit they arrive.
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Thanks for the link. They look interesting and I'm tempted. FYI I've had a couple good experiences ordering from NCIX.

Beagle how do they compare with the new NADs, which are getting positive reviews?
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They don't really compare with the NAD. I'd say a better comparison would be the B&W P5 if the P5 has more treble extension.

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Thanks for putting them into context, Beagle.
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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

The Paradigm sort of fell thru the cracks. I revisited them last night and they are very, very nice....if you like a balanced musical sound....big, full open and clear, not bright or boomy...a shade towards warmth....but no mud or murk.

I just received mine today and they only have about 3 hours on them and this statement made weeks ago rings very true!  I was about to buy the Momentum on ears last week even though I felt that they were a bit too dark and congested.  I would like to give thanks to the headphone Gods for sending these my way!  They sound like what the P5's should have been. It is a crime that these are not discussed with all the other portables because even though they can't possibly suit everyone's taste they will definitely be many who would enjoy these.  I am very pleased.  I will continue to let these burn in a bit more and report back in a few days.

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So glad to hear of another happy Paradigm owner. Yes, these are very underrated, probably because few have had the chance to hear them.

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I also grabbed a pair of H15's from NCIX just to try.  I didn't really have high hopes, I wasn't sure how comfortable they would be.  The impression below is based on the $100 purchase price.


After living with them for a few days I have to say I'm quite impressed.  They aren't flat by any means, they have a full bottom end, and tame but fun mids/highs.  They aren't anywhere near as revealing as the T1's, and after switching from the T1 to the H15 there is a noticeable veil, but I have to say they can be more engaging and fun to listen to.  I think they got the right balance of detail and fullness in a lower cost headphone that will give you an enjoyable listening experience without the feeling that you are missing something.  They are very easy to drive, and I found the best combo was simply an Iphone 5 driving them directly.  I don't have a single ended portable amp to test them with at the moment but will try something soon.  Certain aspects improve with a desktop amp, cleaning up the low end a bit but not to the extent I would say it's required to enjoy them.  Given the listening experience (and the fact it comes with an Iphone remote cable) I would have to guess they were designed/tuned/refined with an Iphone and/or current ipod and that's how I would suggest listening to them.  They work well with a 6th gen ipod classic, but doesn't quite have the synergy of the Iphone, in the case of the classic, I prefer the H15's amped which gets them closer to the toe tapping fun of the Iphone with an extra level of clarity and refinement from the amp (this doesn't make it better than just the Iphone + H15 though).


Build quality, at $100 I would say they are very well built, given the normal price of $200 I would say they are on par with what I would expect at that price point, not exceptional but not lacking either.  The accessories and travel bag are nothing special but nice they are included.  They aren't the most compact, but they are quite light and easy to manage, folding flat makes them a bit easier to store.


Finally comfort, this was my biggest hesitation when looking at these, however the very soft pads and ample headband cushion make them quite comfortable.  I wear these a bit high and forward so that the lower portion of the headphone pad doesn't press on my jaw, and fit like this I find them very comfortable even for hours of listening.  I typically wear glasses and a hat and the H15's fit well with either/both of these.  The other surprise is that they are very non-fatiguing even at fairly high listening levels making it desirable to listen for long periods.


In conclusion these are far from a reference headphone, but for me they fill the portable need in a very enjoyable and fun way.  It's very easy to just get lost in the music and just enjoy it.  These have replaced my MS1's as my favourite low cost on ear headphone.  Either this new generation of $100-200 headphones is better than they have been in the past or these Paradigm's aren't getting the recognition they deserve, but in all fairness I haven't tried all of the competition yet.

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Nice to hear from you Robin :smile:


Yes, the T15 is fun and musically engaging.

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Being a long time fan of Paradigm's loudspeakers and penchant for bang for the buck performance, I was leaning towards these, but backed off when I had the chance to audition the B&W's people mention, I found them to be awfully midrange biased and not neutral at all. I also think the flat on ear with holes punched in is a little weird. I know I can't assume that the paradigms would sound anything like the B&W's, but the oddball design puts me off. So I went with the industry standard HD280 pro, and I don't regret that one bit. I am curious as to how the Paradigms compare to the HD280 soundwise, and did I make the wrong choice?

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