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For Sale: FS: NIB AKG K3003 (K3003i version)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: NIB AKG K3003 (K3003i version)

Will Ship To: Anywhere



For full disclosure, I have used these earphones for three or four sessions for far less than ten hours of total usage. I am describing these as "new" given the level of care I have given in re-assembling the (rather intricate) package and making sure the earphones and accessories were clean and pristine (e.g. stock medium eartips were thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol). If you gave this to someone as a gift they would not be able to tell they were ever used -- they even smell new.


All original accessories are included: leather "carrying case", bass/high boost filters (reference filters come pre-installed), flight adapter, 6 pairs of S/M/L eartips (12 tips total) with one pair of M eartips pre-installed, eartip case, serial number plate, cloth and audio adapter cable.


A recent mini-review by head-fi member james444 on the K3003 thread compares this very favorably to the Tralucent Audio 1plus2 IEM. Realistically, this is in the same league as my JH13 Pro customs (and probably every other IEM $1000+) and the differences might amount to a matter of taste.


Price includes CONUS shipping, but not international shipping.



Other things that people sometimes call this (for search tags): AKG3003, AKG K3003, AKG 3003


$30 off for local NYC pickup.

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You didn't indicate the important part, price?wink_face.gif

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Hence the IC bigsmile_face.gif

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Price misses
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Make an offer via PM; I will not be publishing a price while this is an interest check.

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Added some pertinent trade items; not interested in trading for anything else except what I've listed there (especially not other IEMs, sorry redface.gif).

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Fine, price added.happy_face1.gif

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Price drop, NYC discount too.

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