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For Sale: broken vsonic gr07 mk1's.

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For Sale:
broken vsonic gr07 mk1's.

Will Ship To: United States

just gauging interest, as i imagine there will probably be little to none, but maybe i'm wrong. i have a pair of vsonic gr07 mk1's that i purchased off a fellow member of head-fi in november 2011. they served me well up until about 4 months ago when the left side started to intermittently fade in and out. if i hold the cable a certain way, everything sounds fine. that leads me to believe that there's an issue with the wiring. i believe that a recable or even just a re-termination should fix the problem. although i would recommend a recable, as the current cable is very oxidized from sitting in the drawer. just being honest. the $50 is just a shot in the dark; i'm pretty negotiable, just don't lowball me, haha.

will take pictures if requested. will ship without box. will include your choice of sony hybrid s/m/l tips. paypal gift or cover 4% fees. will ship anywhere in mainland u.s.

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Hey, do you know where the issue is? Around the jack or in the cable itself?
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