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DIY tube amp for HE400

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Hey there,

I'm very pleased with my new HE400, great listening experience.

Thought about building a budget tube amp (<200$).

I need your help choosing the right one. A kit is better than schematics for me.

From the basic knowledge I've got on headphones I know that the HE400 have a low impedance of 35ohm which means I need a low voltage/high current amp.

Any suggestions?


* I've seen chineese kits on ebay. Any good?

** Maybe I should buy something like the AUNE T1 instead?



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There are a couple of different kits you can try but keep in mind that not all of them come with the case and honestly that is just as much work if not more than the circuit work.  There are a ton of different amps out there with a lot of documentation but mainly you might want to visit Beezar.com or glassjaraudio.com.  Beezar carries Millet Hybrid amps and also the Torpedo.  Glass jar audio carries a lot of kits from AMB and also from Cavalli. There are a lot of choices but you might want to mainly look at the Millet Hybrid MiniMax from Beezar if you don't want to build your own case.  If you are willing to do the case work than the SOHA II is a good option as well.  

Hope this helps and have fun building them.  They are truly a lot of fun to build. biggrin.gif

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