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Cheapest Amp to Drive HD600

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I'm on a budget but want to get some Senn HD600's. I'm not so nieve to believe I don't need an amp with a little power, but I'm realistic to know I can't spend more than $200 on an amp. I currently have a Fiio E10, but would this be enough. I know Fiio is cheap so how about the new E12 or the E17? I want a Amp/Dac and portable+desktop would be even better. Yes, I'm sure I could search for this but haven't found this exact question and I'm at work so I can't look all day.


Thank yas.

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Try an aune t1.  I noticed you crossposted this, I don't think the mods like that.  Both the amps you mentioned are portable amps, not full size

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If you want tube amplifier Darkvoice 336SE with the correct tubes or Bottlehead Crack.


DV336SE can show up from time to time for $250 and less.


Bottlehead Crack is $275 from Bottlehead.com


I recommend these due to experience with other less expensive tube amplifiers that don't sound good with the HD600's. Not to mention I own 3 of the things mentioned in this thread, the two amp's and the HD600's. 

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Check used amps for sale. You might get a better amp for your money.
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I can second the O2 as a good, inexpensive option for the HD600s, especially since you can find them used for under $100 occasionally.


With that being said, the Bottlehead Crack that DefQon suggested is simply amazing with these cans in my experience. So if you can stretch the budget a bit, go with the Bottlehead.

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I'm sure you probably already seen this suggestion posted, but Magni/Modi stack is pretty amazing for the price.  I preferred the M/M stack over the Aune T1 when I owned both running my DT880 600ohms.

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Yea that M&M stack is something I've been looking into quite a bit the last 24 hours. I feel more confident now to see it mentioned here.

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The Magni amp is crap for the HD600's unless you like uncalled for attenuated treble peaks. People commenting here on recommendations should own the amp and the OP's headphones to make such recommendation. Not posts like "ohh supposedly it sounds good with x headphone, ohh I heard it can drive any high Z headphone". No supposedly's, either you own it and can make a recommendation with the combo otherwise you're generating noise.


@OP: You own a good mid-tier (at once high end status) headphone that remains a favourite amongst many here for years. Don't ruin it by throwing in crap amplification just because it is cheap. There is a reason why something's are cheap so don't let that get in over your head and think it will do justice driving the HD600's.

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Get yourself a used Asgard.  It's a great pairing with the HD600s.

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I used the E17/E09K dock combo for the HD 650 (which are essentially close enough to the HD 600s). I was very pleased with the combo... decent dynamics, generally neutral sound with a touch of warmth. The functionality and connection options are good (USB, coaxial, optical... supports up to 192/24) and the E09K feeds the Senns with plenty of juice. As an added bonus, the E17 charges when docked, and can be removed as a portable amp/DAC for when you're on the go (I use it with me IEMs). Pretty sure you could get a used combo for less than 200, cause even new they're bout $250ish new... great value for what it does IMHO. wink.gif


But remember (for the future when your wallet is bigger tongue.gif) driving the 650/600 balanced... is really sweet.

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