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Best Amp $150> ?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for an amplifier to power my Senn HD580's. I would like to keep the price under $150 if it's possible. It doesn't really matter to me if the amp is portable or not, I'll be using it at my desk. I would like to have one with a built in DAC, but it isn't a huge deal to me if it doesn't have one. Having a portable amp would be nice though, right now I'm using a dinky Fiio E6. I mainly listen to Metal (Emmure, The Devil Wears, Prada, Like Moths To Flames....) and Dubstep/technoey stuff. I hope this is enough information for you guys, and I hope I get some responses! Thanks in advance!



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Give this a look:



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Thanks I will, I saw a few threads on this topic around my price range, but none from 2013. I was hoping to find some Amp suggestions that may have came after those threads were started. That's all. I will still take a look though, so thanks :)

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For that budget the FiiO E17 is probably your best bet. 

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I listen to my music pretty loudly, is the E17 going to offer enough to power the 300 OHM drivers?

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The Hifiman EF2A is pretty intriguing, tubes and a built in DAC for $169 shipped on Amazon.


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I thought you wanted it to be portable which is why I recommended the E17. If not then get the Schiit Magni. It's a great amp and it's got plenty of power for those headphones.

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The E17 will only power 16-150 ohms, so it wont work.  check out the NuForce link below.  powers up to 300 ohms and its $100



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Being portable would just be a plus, but if I can get better quality sound in a desktop amp/dac for the same price I'll do that instead. The Modi + Magni stack looks like an amazing deal. They look great too! That was pretty smart of them to separate the dac and the amp for people who prefer their current amp or dac and just want a good quality amp or dac to pair it with for a low price.

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The Objective 2 is great as well and is "transportable" since it isn't really portable. Great amp for just under $150 new. 

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