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Zo2 + fiio e11?

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I have heard different things about using both, so what are you guys thinking about this?

I currently have the ultrasone hfi 580 and the fiio e11, and i want to add the zo2 simply for the bass enhancements...

Any upside/downsides to this?
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Bump. Basically asking if its a good idea to double amp this with a fiio e11 :/
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It might be cool having a second amp to go with it.

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I have just heard that double amping can increase distortion and that you can overdrive one and stuff.

But at the same time alot of people say the e11 goes well with the zo2
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i use both together but have m50. it works great. people have said in the thread that zo by itself has distortion with your particular headphones at higher volumes and doesn't work well.


i think if u use both together you can get a bit of extra bass on your headphones without the distortion.


the cons are the reduced portability and having to carry around 2 amps with extra wires. having to charge 2 amps.


otherwise if you REALLY want the extra bass then go for it. don't expect anything mind blowing, just a bit more bass and bass impact that you can control the level of. ask yourself if you really need that. if you do, then do it. but really ask yourself if you really need it and aren't enjoying your music enough already. theres a mentality on head fi that will leave you awlays wanting more. it will dry your wallet if you aren't careful.


anecdotally tohugh, people have said zo doesn't work well with your model. but if u are willing to risk it by trying the double amp method (which succesfully has reduced distortion for my m50), then go for it. i think it will work.

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I have only heard that there is distortion on the pro 900, and i have heard that the hfi 580 sounds great with it.

Yeah, extra bass is really important to me, as i cant afford the pro 900 (something came up) which is supposed to have a ton of bass.

The reason i want this is because i listen to music at lower volumes, but im trying to get as much impact as some of the higher volumes, which is exactly what the zo2 is trying to promote.

Thanks alot for the info, i think im gonna try and get the zo2, and ill post back here if i like it.
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if you do a search, there are at least 4 people in the digizoid thread that are saying the hfi-580 has distortion with the zo. but 2 other people are saying it works fine. so there are anecdotes going both ways, whereas with the pro 990 its kinda unanimous that they don't go well together.


but i have a good feeling double amping will fix this..


if the e11 as the first one in the chain gives you distortion, try putting the zo first in the chain (with a line out dock connected to it). i had to put the zo first in low gain to get it to work.

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Oh ok, thanks alot.
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