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KSC75 On Steroids? Does it exist for under $200?

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I like the signature and separation of the KSC75, but the bass extension is low. I have the HTF600 with Beyer Pads and found them extremely confused when confronted with busy midrange, but suitable for watching movies.

I listened to the DJ200 and thought it was fairly decent, but was looking for a semi open design as I find it lets the treble breathe. I have the JVC Flats and am very impressed with them for portable use, but now I'm looking for that balanced home headphone to take me places.

I despise bass boom and flabbiness, but want a little controlled bump in the trunk.

I expect Grado will be a suggestion, and I'm intrigued, but are there any other up and comers that I should know about? Doesn't have to be open, maybe, but airy?



Peace and health upon ye!

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So, I'll take that as a no...

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Originally Posted by Spacemodul8or View Post

So, I'll take that as a no...

One suggestion.....if you haven't already, put the KSC75 in a headband. They'll sound better than with the clips.

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Thanks, I am going to do that when I get my replacement. Left driver went all stoopid, and I'm sending it back to Koss with my $9.

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Just got cold feet on some Dj100's for lack of removable cable, which seems to be a growing sticking point for my next purchase.

Tried some KRK 6400's today at GC and they were pretty cool if a bit analytical. Good stuff though.

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I use my KSC75 on an old Yamaha receiver's headphone out and they sound great, far better than on my small personal players. They also sound good on my equally ancient Sony CD/MD/Radio home portable, and on a full size Sony CD player's headphone out (at 0 dB), and on an old portable multiband radio with stereo headphone minijack. So far they seem good on anything that hasn't been designed around modern highly sensitive, low impedance IEMs.

I don't know what you're listening through but if you have some similar gear that packs a punch and you didn't try it with the KSC75 it's well worth checking. The headband mod is good as well, as much for convenience as anything.

I agree with you about headphones with fixed cables as it invites failure but I would probably overlook it with the Koss DJ models because of the warranty.
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Thanks for the replies, btw.
I have a budget Onkyo receiver that sounds quite nice with the KSC75's.
Just tried out the HD380 Pro at BB. Direct out to my IPhone. They sounded bumpin' and very Sennheiser. BB has the most jacked up demo network ever, and you're best off unplugging from their horrible little cluster**** direct out to your device, as every line out they offer to customers is beset with horrible audio demons I do not understand, but despise.
I tried the 558 at their swanky back station near the Magnolia joint. I was keenly aware that this headphone could not compete, open backed, against the blaring idiot din of BB, and spent more time being impressed by the 380 pro at the DJ station with it's deliciously controlled lower notes and soundstage.
BTW, I found the Koss DJ100 really fun, but very congested in comparison.
I LOVE the feel of oval circumaurals and am certain that both headphones would perform wonderfully with my Onkyo, and would like some quiet time with a HD558, as it's design lends itself more to soaring mids and a bigger soundstage.
Still, I was mightily impressed with the HD380 pros and I suspect that my Onkyo would make the mids really shine, as impressive as it was playing Art Pepper, Most Def, The Fixx, Mocean Worker, The Gorillaz, and Donald Fagen.
I couldn't hook the 558 up to my iPhone, as it was hard wired to its kiosk, and the audio in they provided was even worse than the standard BB noise bomb . I was forced to listen to their demos, a step up from the blue stations of hell, and I suspect that it did little to give the 558 a fair shake combined with the cacophony of BB.
Still, cool phones. I like.
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Ok, Bump.



Am I headed for a pair of Grado sr80i's?

I listen to a lot of genres, saving country music, which should never be listened to on a headphone, or any type of speaker in private or public.

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In your original post you cited the Koss' lack of bass extension. I'm not sure getting Grados is the answer to that. With $200 to spend maybe you should look at AKG K240 MKII. I haven't heard them but reviews, specs and measurements all suggest these will offer a similarly well balanced open sound with nice highs and well extended bass. If I were you I would be looking to try a few products before buying.
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Hd380 would be great if semi open and less darkness.

HD518's seem to compare favorably to the HD558's.

I'm looking to spend 150 or less now.

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Scored some TBSE from Tuesday Morning for $50!


It's a KSC on steroids. I'm really digging em'.

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Originally Posted by Spacemodul8or View Post

Scored some TBSE from Tuesday Morning for $50!


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