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after 1 year of regular usage, my ATH CK10 broke down, doesnt cover the warantee.


Im trying to find an iem that offers the same amount nor better Clarity and quality bass that CK10 Possesses, the superb Isolation, and of course the price.

Preferred: Treble clarity is important, Mids i dont mind if mids are a bit recessed, bass cannot be bloated needs to be tight and quality of bass needs to be good.


right now im looking into B&O H3 since it has 3 years warantee, aluminum, remote pannel, and sound signature are said to be fine (however price are a bit expensive on how it matches the SQ, but i dig the design, brand name and 3 years Warantee)


other im interested in but still not too sure about it



Ety ER4


Im open to hear suggestions from anyone, but please dont tell me to buy CK100 as im not happy about their warantee and the build quality of the product being produced




kind regards

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