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hf3 or x10i?

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Can't choose between Etymotic Research HF3 and Klipsch Image X10i.


From what I've read they are both decent IEMs but their cons are:

  • HF3s have poor bass and also lack on build quality
  • the X10s lack builld quality

X10s seem to have less cons but Jokers thread rates the HF3s slightly higher.


I listen to rock music mainly and need an IEM with iphone microphone and buttons.


Which is the best IEM? Which one will be best for rock music?



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Ety + Shure or Westone Grey Tips = very good and deep bass.
My vote +1 for Etymotic.

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Agreed. The right tip helps seal. Seal = nice sound from HF3
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These two are oposite to each others in term of sound signature like Klipsch Image X10 offers heavier bass with detailed mids, highs and sound very warm(close to Grado headphones) with fairly wide soundstage. Etymotic HF3 are more detailed in mids, highs with good bass response due to tight seal but sound cold and brighter not to the extended of harsh or brystal bright. BTW both are good but if you want to hear more guitar crisp clear sound then HF3 are better IEMs and if need bassy yet detailed sound with overall fun soundsignature then X10 are pretty good.
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Thank you all. Never thought it would be such hard work finding the IEMs that are best for you. HF3s it is then!

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The Eytmotics are the most detailed earphone I've ever experienced. They're like a musical scapel. I haven't heard the X10, but I do own a pair of Klipsch (S4), and they sound completely different than the Etymotics. The Klipsch being warm, colorful, muddy, and bloated. The Etymotic being cold, analytical, clear, and switchblade precise. 

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How do they compare in terms of comfort fit?

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Originally Posted by superfuture48 View Post

How do they compare in terms of comfort fit?

Confort wise the X10 is really hard to beat, and for the longest time I didn't even need Comply Foam Tips for it, but I got some anyway for better seal.

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bump, any other recs?

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bump for advice?

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