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The Superlux HD681 EVO

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Hey Head-Fi, first time posting here :) I've been lurking for a while, and finally decided to check these headphones out. I think that they sound great! However, I think they're a bit uncomfortable. Any velour earpads for these? Do any mods to improve sound quality exist?

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I got some velour pads from ebay

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The HD-681 (& HD-668B, HD-669) uses the same ear pads as the AKG K240/241/270/271 headphones.

On eBay they sell generic OEM (made in China) Velour ear pads for these headphones, cost around $15

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I used the AKG K240 pads so far, but the new velour pads, which came with my new second set of EVOs are simply perfect. They have more space for the ears and are more comfortable than the AKG ones. I recommend everyone to buy a second pair of evos, it's more worth than just buying a pair of velours for 20 euros. I mean . . . 20 euros pair of K240 Velours . . . . 28 euros a new EVO with pleather AND (better than AKG) velours . . . you get the picture ;D


For the old 681, 681B and 668B i use SHURE SRH 940 Pads, they're amazing. They've almost as much space as the Beyer-pads and they're unbelivably comfortable. Sadly, they don't fit the EVOs, but thats not really sad, because of the new EVO velours. They're very good.

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