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For Sale: Go-Vibe v6 for sale!!!!

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For Sale:
Go-Vibe v6 for sale!!!!

Will Ship To: con-us

To any interested, selling my go-vibe v6 for $45 including shipping. The amp has had very little use and has just been sitting in a drawer for years. Looking for payment through paypal (i am verified).

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I have a v5...great amp for those trying to get into this hobby. Much better than a cmoy amp from ebay.

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can this power a up to 300ohms?  jw newer to the site and community but I just wanted to know for future sake.

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is this a good amp to pair with a smart phone? or is it better to get a dac/amp? becauyse I am looking to buy a  amp and or dac combo for my phone for portability.

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