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< 100$ iem?

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Hey guys. My aunt needs a new iem to work with (she cleans houses) and they would be driven straight out of an iphone. The music played would be the generic popular songs on right now... Gangnam style, sail, ect. With a few jazz songs as well. I was wondering what would be a good match for her?
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The Klipsch Image X10, Philips S1, S2, Bose IE2, JVC FXT90 and FXD80 willbe great buy and iam selling my totaly brand new unused FXT90 for this price. They are dual dynamic drivers in earphones with great quality bass and very detailed sound, please let me know if you are interested to buy these.

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Surprisingly, the sennheiser cx880 are pretty awesome despite the mediocre reviews on amazon etc. Clarity, bass, and loudness when driven from my iPhone make it an enjoyable IEM for all genres
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The HifiMan Re-400 is said to be really well rounded a good for most all genre's of music.    Worth checking it out as well.

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