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Whistling on headphones - help?

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Hello, I have a pair of AKG K271 headphones and would like to use them with my phone (LG Optimus 4X P880). I'm not expecting miracles in terms of the sound, but I get an irritating high pitched squealing or whistling sound whenever the audio output is active, regardless of the volume level on the phone. The problem doesn't seem to occur with other headphones I have (AKG K55, Shure E2C), or if I plug my K271s into my wife's phone (same model as mine).


I'm really not sure why I'm getting the noise - I'd have thought a higher impedance set of headphones (IIRC the K271s are 55 ohms) would be less susceptible to noise than lower ones (16 ohms for the E2Cs). But I guess I've got an unlucky combination of a noisy phone output, with a set of headphones which for whatever reason are turning that into audible noise.


Since I can't reproduce the problem with most headphones and I bought the phone from an internet retailer, I doubt I'll be able to get a warranty replacement for this problem. Any suggestions on ways to reduce or filter the noise out? Any advice appreciated.



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I am guessing the jack on your phone is just a tad too deep for the K271 making the connecting to the ground poor.  Try to find 90 degree adapter that has a narrow geometry used for portable devices.  If the connector on the K271 is a 1/8th inch plug find a 1/8 to whatever your phone is adapter.  Perhaps the adapter will give you a deeper connection.


One other thing to check is if you have a case / cover on your phone it may be interfering with the jack plug on the headphones.  This keeps the jack from plug from fully seating into the jack on your phone.

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No case but will try the adapter idea - thanks.

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