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Need help with small scale recording setup

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I'm relatively new to head-fi and essentially technologically impaired. I have a strong interest in music and have been meaning to start creating my own stuff but have no idea even where to start. I mainly want to record a lot of vocals/beatboxing but also use a midi keyboard and a electric/acoustic guitar. So far what I've heard is I need a USB soundcard/interface and a microphone, however I have no idea what to get. Hopefully you guys could help me out because obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about. I am also interested in getting a decent set of speakers. Currently I have a new laptop (Horize W650EH) if that makes any difference to suggestions to what equipment I need to get.

Price range is undetermined until I get a reasonable idea of pricing of all equipment.

Thank you in advance,


SPECS OF LAPTOP: http://www.logicalblueone.com.au/store/546-horize-w650eh-ultranote.html

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Nice laptop.


Something like this http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Scarlett2i2 is pretty highly regarded and will do everything you need. It has two inputs which can be used for microphone or guitar. As for the microphone people generally recommend condenser microphones for vocals. This thing http://www.zzounds.com/item--AUTAT2020 is excellent bang for buck. For speakers you could either get passive monitors and a speaker amp or get active ones which plug directly into the interface. I'm not too sure about which speakers to recommend but KRK and Tannoy are generally good brands.You could get a decent set of active monitors for around $200.


If you're not in USA everything will be a bit more expensive/harder to get.

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Roland quad capture audio interface, more than enough I/O options for your needs, if you can stretch your budget to a RME babyface they also come highly recommended. 


Look into a set of active monitors within your price range and a basic midi device and you should be set.  I would recommend splitting your budget into 1/3 segments, 1/3 for audio interface, 1/3 midi and mic, 1/3 monitors.


I would always decide on budget and work backwards rather than looking at what you would like first then deciding if you can afford it.


One thing that you are also going to need to factor in is software for recording (DAW)  Many items of hardware will come with entry versions of software like cubase  ableton cakewalk protools.  If you want to record you may want to youtube some tutorial videos to see what is going to best suit your needs.  If you are buying hardware you are likely to end up getting some software bundled in with one or more components so this can give you a glimpse into whether you want to invest in the more "pro" versions.


You can probably spend under $1k and get yourself everything you need. Also think about storage, I will guarentee you will want to buy an external HD before too long as storage space on you laptop will be short lived once you have software installed and you start building up a catalogue of music that you dont want to loose should something go wrong.


You can get some excellent advice from the internet forums that are more production based.  HTH

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If you are in Europe, the best shop for me is in Germany, fast and free delivery in EU (DHL) and competitive prices :




A lot of gears for my home studio is from this shop, including guitar and keyboard.

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As a full time audio professional, I suggest buying the best you can afford now. If you buy cheap entry level stuff now, I guarantee you will regret it in a year when you have a little more experience. Since I assume you have headphones, I would skip the monitors, and put your money into a good interface, software, and mic. That will get you going and then you can buy some nice monitors once you get some more cash. Ideally use closed back headphones, as open back will bleed into your record tracks.

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