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So the package arrived with my Westone ADV's! (Kudos to Earphone Solutions for sending them out so fast.)


Amusingly this is the first IEM I have ever bought that came with its own stand.


Build quality seems fantastic.


Super early special ultra impressions are: dark, dark, dark, dark.

I'll be posting in this thread as I get used to them :3
EDIT: Posted some early impressions:

Edited by a_recording - 6/10/13 at 11:24pm
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It seems I have come across an issue with my pair of ADV's, which I've detailed in the earlier post....

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Originally Posted by Flavio T View Post

These are some pretty serious accusations which I do NOT take lightly. You are basically calling me a dishonest person.


All the times you thought we stated a wrong MSRP you were wrong.


Instead of come to Head-fi and slander my company, on that same call you mde to Westone, you should have asked for someone that knows what they are talking about such as the CEO Lynn Keller or Julie Kelly or John Lowrey and ask them what is the MSRP for the ADV.


Before publishing the product page and information I called Westone, spoke with the people that would know the answer to my question and the answer is the MSRP of the ADV IS $249.99


Earphone Solutions NEVER jacks up MSRPs! NEVER! A little research or quick phone call would have avoided this misrepresentation of our practices and my character.


Westone ADV Aventure Series


MSRP  $249.99

SALE PRICE $199.99


What the competitors do is none of my business. It's their business. My business is to do my best for my customers, to provide accurate information, to conduct an honest, ethical business since 1995.


Sorry you feel that way Flavio, but I call a spade a spade. I have been away on a business trip but finally have a chance to reply. I went onto Westone's website today and at this link the price is $199 and it is NOT listed as a discount: http://www.westone.com/store/index.php/westone-music-products/universal-monitors/adventure-series-alpha.html


So you be as displeased as you want, but I am speaking honestly from what I see. You point out that Westone says the price is $249 but even as of today, 6/12, the price is listed as $199 on the Westone website and not as $249. So you can say whatever you want, the reality is the price is $199, you should just apologize to your customers and stop digging your hole deeper. You aren't offering a discount. Period. Your price is the same as everyone else's.


And I did talk AT LENGTH to the people at Westone. The people on the customer service line confirmed to me the price is $199.

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You didn't read the thread.


Please go back to page 1.


MSRP is $249.99

MAP is $199.99


I never stated we are discounting lower than anybody else.

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The only thing missing from this thread is an apology to Flavio.

There was a clear explanation from the VP of  Westone's Audio Division for the error.

Makes me think the disparaging remarks were from a troll, perhaps with their own agenda.


I am a repeat customer and Earphone Solutions will continue to be the first place I go when in 

need of what they offer.   I have spoken with Flavio on the phone for advice and the experince left

me feeling like a valued customer, not just another sale.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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