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For Sale: exaSound E20 DSD DAC

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For Sale:
exaSound E20 DSD DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought the exaSound e20 four days ago in brand new (un-opened) condition. Upon first listen, it has a very detailed and revealing sound signature - perhaps a little too detailed for my taste. A quick search on google will show that this DAC is getting outstanding reviews from everyone and is considered one of the best DSD DACs (if not the best) under $3000.

If one were to buy the e20 new from the exaSound website, it would cost over $2600 (including shipping to the U.S.). I am offering it for $2200 - over 15% off for an item in brand new condition.

It comes with all original accessories, instructions, and packaging. Any required drivers can be downloaded for free from the exaSound website.


Asking $2200 + shipping.






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