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Hi guys this is my first post so please correct me if I am doing this wrong but I am about to get a new computer for pc gaming and I want to upgrade my headphones from the Turtle Beach PX21 because they are pretty uncomfortable on my ears after a couple hours. I'm not audiophile or expert on any of this but the sound quality wasn't the best. So I am looking for a good set of headphones that are good for gaming (mostly FPS and racing games) and music. The majority of music I listen to is EDM (trance, house, DnB, trap, dubstep, etc.), and I really like boomy bass. Is there a headset that will be good for both of these or do I need two seperate headphones? Also, in gaming I will sometimes talk to friends so will I be able to attach a mic if the headset doesn't have one? I am kind of a noob at this so sorry in advance if I don't understand some of this. Thanks.