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What I'm looking for is, on the surface, pretty simple.

- I want to be able to create playlists based on what I've played (or not played) when across my devices.

- I'd like my progress in individual podcast episodes synced across my devices. Either in the cloud, or if locally then using a half decent client like Zune (but not DoubleTwist, which is still way half baked).

- I'd expect something really basic like lockscreen controls as a 'I don't even have to ask' feature, and support for the transport controls on a remote... and moreover for that to work 100% of the time. Android is the only platform which doesn't offer/do this, especially with Bluetooth headsets.



These days I find myself preferring Windows Phone for it's "get outta my wayness", but the way they've taken WP8 has been kind of a major step back for me in terms of how podcasts in particular are handled. I'm not sure what fixes are on the way with Blue, but I'm not holding out huge hope app-wise.



I can't deal with iTunes in my music 'workflow': just creates too many issues so iOS is out, even though it's the one platform which actually does all of the above pretty well.



So I come back to Android again. The problem with Android is of course still the last-mile flakiness of a lot of the stuff. Good apps which may do say playback nicely may not have lockscreen support. Another app may do podcasts really well but fail to work with the remote after it's locked. etc. I'm wondering if there's anything around which actually does everything somewhere near properly. The closest I've come to date for podcasts at least is Pocket Casts. But even that has pretty flaky lockscreen / remote support in Android and is therefore unusable.



Is there anything else? Or should I just bear with Windows Phone 8 and it's also sub-par (but not as sub-par as Android on many levels) media experience?