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Hi I am new here s far I have never had any higher end headphones before, most iv ever spent on them is around £40 and that was for a headset however I am needing a new headset as my old one broke and I want to get something really good and I was thinking of getting seperate headphones and standalone mic but I cant seem to figure out which ones I want as I know next to nothing about them on a technical level.


I have looked into some headsets like astro a40s and PC360's but im veering more towards things like the ATH-AD700's only issue with those is what I've heard about bass. I dont play many shooters so directional sound isnt much of an issue for me I tend to play RTS games or MOBA's and listen to music in the background with the game sounds almost turned off (music like metallica, the prodigy, Led zepplin, pendulum and slipknot aswell as other such rock or metal bands) aswell as using voice programs at times like skype or vent for playing team games.


So mainly ill be using these for listening to music and voice, over in game stuff and most of the other threads iv read on this topic all seem to be from Call of duty or CS players worried about directional sound.


My budget for a set of headphones aswell as a mic is around £240 give or take £20. Any help, recomendations and input would be apreciated, thank you.

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