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For Sale: Grado SR325i Full Woody

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For Sale:
Grado SR325i Full Woody

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Modified Grado SR325i for sale.  $250 delivered anywhere - I cover delivery, you cover the payal fees.


Modifications (from original)


 -  full woody jacket - using Cabillas Iroko wood cups.  These fit the drivers perfectly so no need for tape etc to hold them in

 - 2 holes punched in each driver surround.  I think the bass is perfect - punchy without being bloated

 - recabled using canare mini starquad (3.5mm termination - I will include a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor).  Length is around 4 ft.

 - black manta leather headband


These are very lightweight.


Pads are bowls - a little on the soft side - but clean and soft to wear.


Price is firm.  Considering the modifications and that I am paying the freight, the price is very fair for a great set of cans.

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Pm sent
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And sale pending
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And sold

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