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finally, bass on the alpha prime vs the pro. well the pro appears to have the more prodigious bass, but honestly the prime is the bassier of the two. contradictory huh? yeah I thought so too. but here is what I'm hearing. with the pro, the bass is a bit dominant in the sound signature. you definitely know it's a more bass tuned headphone, even though it's far from a basshead set. the prime, in comparison, is infinitely more balanced and even toned. so the bass doesn't have the appearance of prominence. but when I play certain bass heavy tracks, the actual rumble and impact I'm hearing is superior on the prime. but the mids and highs are equal to it, so nothing really sticks out. make sense? yeah doesn't sound right to me either. but my eardrums insist they're getting hit harder by the prime than the pro, by a small margin.


I think we have a classic case of quantity vs quality. The Mad Dog Pro's bass is more prominent in the mix, while the Alpha Prime's bass is tighter and more tuneful and textured. They're different animals though. Different breed of dog, you might say. The Mad Dog Pro was the very first MrSpeakers headphone I ever heard, and it's what made me want to become a dealer for them. And now, sadly, there's only one lonely Mad Doggie left in my kennel. OK, OK...enough canine jokes! 

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Hopefully dan will hear the love and build a mid fi set sometime in the future.
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Hi Y'all


I've been running my Mad Dog headphones through an HRT Music Streamer > Little Dot MK1+ and am thinking about an upgrade.


I'm looking at the Audio gd NFB 28 and Woo Audio WA7 more than anything else although the Schiit Bifrost + Lyr2 stack, Burson Conductor V2+ and Cavalli Liquid Carbon (I would still use the HRT until later upgrading DAC) are also on my radar.


I have been considering sending my Mad Dogs in for an upgrade to balanced MD Pros or Alpha Dogs so that's a big plus for the Audio gd and Cavalli. However I must admit I'm attracted to the design of the WA7 and the linear power supply.


I would really appreciate your input on this, especially those of you that can comment on the most recent iterations of the Audio gd and WA7 as I know they've both gotten tweaked recently.



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could check out some project garage amps as well, i'm trying to decide on the same thing though, ive heard most of the audio gd amps are a little too bright/neutral to really shine with the alpha dogs, would be good for mad dog though. 

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Buying a pair of Mad Dog 3.2 for retail (if I'm allowed to post this here) please let me know if you're selling and are able to ship to the UK. Can trade for a pair of Fostex T50RP MK3's with Shure 1540 pads, as well.

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Looking for a pair of Mad Dogs , so let me know if anyones willing to part with theirs

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