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Dan - you have a PM...
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Cant wait for some sort of options list as well (hoping for mini XLR connector option).  And upgrade pricing too. Moving on up good sirs… Congrats to you guys

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Well, can't wait to hear impressions vs the 3.2 for those that get the chance to hear the Alpha Dogs.

There goes a large chuck of the cash I was save for customs.

They look beautiful. Love the finish. Exciting news.
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Wow Dan, awesome stuff you've come up with. 

I guess it's a little bittersweet for me though, considering I've already spent close to $100 upgrading from Dog pads to Alpha pads and then 3.2 re-tuning (less than two months ago).

I also got the impression that you were working exclusively on cables at the moment and that we wouldn't get a new revision of the MDs for a while. Then again, this isn't simply a new revision...


Oh well, looks like I'll just have to try and convince my mom to let me take out $300 from my college fund for the upgrade.rolleyes.gif


She said "no new headphones", so this counts, right? tongue.gif

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I understand.  Let me think about how to handle that.

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^^^You know you don't need two kidneys.

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The MrSpeakers.com web site has the Alpha Dogs now available for pre-order (no upgrade listed yet, Dan undoubtedly is still figuring out the details, as there will be several possibilities to consider).
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I now understand why you didn't want me/us to call the 3.0 Mad Dogs the Alpha Dogs back in the days tongue.gif


Great job Dan, once again!

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And I now understand why Dan was tweeting about 3D printing.... smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

You got your prayers answered. I was going to bring my HD650, but I will bring my Paradox to do a quick comparison for  you. Or maybe just off memory since I really want to bring my HD650. I will decide in the morningredface.gif


YES. I will be there tomorrow:)

Grr, one day ahead of me :). Will definitely be interested in that Paradox comparison.


Aethetics wise, the new paint from the video looks like something TH900 esque. Maybe these can stave away my craving for the TH900s :). It is more gentle on the wallet.

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More info on 3D dogs please?
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See the web site mrspeakers.com and watch the video posted by Jerg a page or two back in the thread.

And, here is the upgrade info:

Continuing our tradition of allowing users in our installed base to upgrade, we are pleased to offer our best upgrade program yet:

For Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads (any version) the upgrade price is the difference between the current list price of your model and the Alpha Dog. That comes to only $300 for Mad Dog owners, or $200 for Balanced or Universal Mad Dog owners plus shipping
For Mad Dogs with 840 or Dog Pads the upgrade price is the difference between the current list price of your model and the Alpha Dog plus a pair of Alpha Pads: $360 plus shipping

We will not take orders for upgrades until product is shipping, at which time we will start an upgrade list so we can maintain minimal turnaround time to avoid any inconvenience to owners.
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Yes. When you get time and the tuning finally down and everything, some FR graphs would be awesome for these new dogs! biggrin.gif

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If the new Alpha Dogs perform anywhere near as well as Jude says they do, I think Dan is going to be hiring a lot of new staff. This is pretty exciting to see a DIYer one-up the big boys. I hope he has an endless supply of the drivers (or perhaps he intends to make his own someday).

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hmmm about to order TH600 next week, now i saw these and don't know what to do, i have MD 3.2, i listed to J-pop only which TH600 tend to do better,

don't know about Apha Dog though, any thought mr.CooL DAN :D

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