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Denon D2k owner Looking for Open Headphone Suggestions (DT990?)

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Hi everyone!


I currently own a modified D2000 (LA2000 Lite) and really like alot about what it does, but I woul like to get myself an open headphone to listen to when I don't need closed cans.  My amp is a Burson HA-160D and I won't be chaning that.  I have been trying to find what headphones people seem to like with this amp, and all I could find was people suggesting LCD2, which is out of my price range right now, but something I would like eventually.  It would also seem that the best thread for finding this information has been deleted for some reason (people fighting about the USB implementation or something?). Anyway, the cans I have been looking at are:


DT990 600 ohm (does the Burson HA-160 have the voltage swing to properly drive these?)




I will use these for movies, games, and listening to classic, metal, and pop music (over-mastered pop music that can get really sibilant on my LA2ks).


I am heavily leaning toward the DT-990, but I don't know if it can get sibilant like my LA2000 can.  I would love to hear what people have to say about any of these cans in relation to D2000, especially if anyone has heard them on a Burson HA-160.



I am not really sure what I am expecting to get out of this thread because I have read tons and tons about the options out there, but I figure its worth a shot to hear what people have to say before I make a final call on which one is for me.

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I say out of all of those, the HE-400 sounds closest to the D2000 unmodded, if that helps you (assuming you wanted a similar experience but open).


DT990 is very u-shaped.  It has more mid-bass and treble than the HE-400, but colder sounding in general.  Not too far off the Denon sound.


HD650 will be the farthest from the Denon sound.  It will sound very neutral and possibly bass light/treble light in comparison.  Best bet for a complimentary sound.  It will also be the easiest on over-processed pop music.  DT990 will be the harshest.

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Thanks for the comparisons!  I actually saw a lot of posts by you when I was reading about these cans.  I forgot to mention that I am also looking for something that is very comfortable.  I have heard that HE-400 is somewhat unconfortable, at least compared to the other options.  Would you say that DT-990 can be harsher than D2000 on those annoying pop recordings?

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I say all 3 between D2000, DT990 and HE-400 have the potential to be equally as fatiguing in the treble on bright pop recordings.  D2000 has a different type of treble than the HE-400 and DT990, which seemingly extend higher up and can be brighter up at the very top at times.  D2000 just gives you more of it lower down.


HE-400's comfort is a non factor for me, but everybody will have different sensitivities to weight on their head.  I will say that the fit of the HE-400 and DT990 with their circle pads isn't as good as the D2000.  HE-400's earpads are the biggest and deepest so your ears will have the most room with the HE-400.

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I'm also looking for open cans to complement my LA5000's and I've been looking at the audio technica AD-X series. Does anyone know how they compare against the HD650's or HE400's in that respect?

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Now I am having a really hard time deciding between DT-990 and HE-400. 


I was also considering some of the AD-X series, but I tried the AD-900 before and didn't like it.  The sound was very very bass light and I didn't really like that, but of course that wasn't an AD-X series.  Even though they were extremely light and comfortable, the drivers touched my ears which in the end is what made me want to sell them the most.  I have to assume that the AD-X series probably has the same fit as the AD-900, but I don't know for sure.


But seriously, is there anyone out there who knows if the Burson HA-160 can deal with 600 ohm headphones like DT-990 600?

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