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Originally Posted by MrTechAgent View Post

Looks like you don't trust my statement.

Too bad.


No, I believe you. I was just saying posting random stuff like that as some kind of joke is strange. Not a big deal in the end though. 

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You might want to check this bassmod out:




It's easy to do, and completely reversible. So no harm in trying. It really added quality to my K701s in the bass departement.

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Originally Posted by EvilKillaruna View Post



Sounds like typicall stock OPAMPs to me. Harsh highs with quality issues along with not as good as I wish scene and imaging were the main reason why I've started to testing various OPA setups years ago. LME chips should be very helpful here.



That is a somehow tricky question but I would say - yes. If we take for example NuForce Icon HDP (my amp of choice) and genuine ST/STX with stock JRC chips on board, then on headphones like K701 you WILL hear direct difference between them. Since K701 and any other from this series are very vulnerable for scene rendering and imaging, you should be able to hear most of the changes right in this area. And so:
- HDP will be MUCH more spacious vs stock STX, 
- HDP gives you more sense of three-dimentional stage vs stock STX,
- lower bass should be more audible
- overall sound resolution will be higher
- mids should be more forward, just a little bit
- highs should drop their harshness
TontonJok said one very important thing: K701 signature will still be there and even with overall sound improvement there won't be 180' revolution in sound, K701 won't become a bass monsters or anything, they'll remain on their bright side. Never the less, changes in sound should be positive in probably every single aspect here. If you still want to fix your lows and highs, consider Triple 3 mod from post #16.
However STX with LME+NE is another story and give you signature more similar to this from HDP (but still not the same and not as good). E09K users have the same problem here - they won't skip over their TPA6120 limitations. Through testing (mostly bass response and soundstage) I've got this:
HDP > STX @LME > E07+E09 > STX @stock. Of course to my ears, YMMV.
If you plan on going with external amp and stick to the K701 anyway, I would consider changing OPAMPs to LME+NE (and leaving STX as a pure RCA source) and buying for example Matrix M-Stage.

Eh this is mostly nonsense. The Essence is definitely a good, proper amp, that powers the AKG without any problems. Stuff about the high frequencies losing their edginess for example is total hoghwash because it would require a total change in frequency response, while basically all reference solid state amps have a similiar frequency response to begin with. It just doesn't happen. More 3D, more "scene", more soundstage etc... Claims like that are found everywhere but there's just no evidence beyond the anecdotal - it's coincidentally easy to find reviews of the Nuforce icon, with sennheiser HD650 even, describing the sound as 'harsh'. Imagine that. Those 'improvements' that are pointed out there are just not factual. Maybe the guy really believes this, but it's not something you should expect to also experience. Maybe if you came from a terribly bad amp you could have crazy differences like that.


When you already have a decent amp/dac, don't go messing with random stuff like op amps either. It will end up costing you more money than just buying another headhpone, which might also make you appreciate your akg in a different way. Otherwise you can just sell it.

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Turn game volume down.

Bass for gaming? Maybe for singleplayer, but for online mp I EQ bass out to better hear important stuff.
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