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How are they compare to DT 990? (considering I plan on those for gaming...)
by the way, I guess that they are not suppose to be more detailed over well-amped K701.

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Originally Posted by Rayz View Post

Thank you! seems like everything is clear now. due the extermely low price of OP-AMPs I'll try those first. I guess that I'll need 3 of them? by the way, how do I swap? it looks like I have to soldering and stuff?


You'll need two LME49720 and one NE5532D. You can get them as a DIP8 type chips with 8 long legs, which fits here:



This is photo of my STX with LME and NE on. You can use it as a reference :).




Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post

An op-amp swap isn't going to fix a bass roll-off that's inherent to the design. You could try a pad swap with K702-65th Anniversary memory foam pads; although more expensive that will certainly enhance the bass response.


I will again restate that after owning the Q701 and DT 880 and running them both out of relatively high-end equipment, the 880s are what you are looking for.


No it won't fix it permanently, but WILL help here and to bring out the best from this card. Stock STX can't compete here (i.e. harsh highs mentioned before) and OPA swapping is the first thing that many ST/STX owners should do. What is more mod from post #16 should help here too, not only pads. And as same as with OPA - it's cheap as hell and worth trying :).


I can agree that DT880 could be the ultimate answer, but I wonder if they won't be too analytical and too much oriented over highs. At least to my ears they were.

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I'll need two for the headphones only? Isn't it 4 if I want it for the RCA outputs too?

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I'll need two for the headphones only?


Yes - for headphones you need only two. Of course you can buy more and keep them as spare ones just in case.


Isn't it 4 if I want it for the RCA outputs too?


No, STX can change the route of signal through your drivers control panel just as I showed on picture in post #26 (you can hear a "click" sound from your card). Two LME OPAs are used always, no matter if you want to use RCA or jack out. The only difference is in B and C, where first one belongs to RCA outs, and the second one for jack out. It is really really simple by design. 
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I see. thanks! you sure helped a lot. :)

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Yes you only need 2 opamps for the built in amp and only 1 if you use just the rca out (amp)
Myself using a lake people g100 I've only changed 1 opamp and I have LME 49990's

K701 are very good headphones
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I honestly believe the K701/2 don't come equipped with any "boomy" or "noticeable" bass...From the years I've been here on headfi and reading people's comments, they are more of jazz/classical music kind of cans...They definitely produce rich sound, but you can't expect them to produce bass like a "v-moda m-100" can, also notice the fact that they are open cans.  In my opinion, the Sennheiser HD598 produce better bass and it's very noticeable, and that is as compared to the K701.

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K701 sound: Coming from someone who has the Essence ST and K702, I can tell you amplification is not going to solve you issues with the K701. No amplifier that you put it through will suddenly give it deep and boomy bass. The K701 has a very very thin amount of bass, which is one of the biggest complaints people have had about it for many years. 


Opamps: The stock opamps are bass heavy to begin with. Changing out the opamps will only lighten the bass overall.


Distortion: If you are cranking up the EQ you will definitely be creating distortion. Someone gave a suggestion of dropping down the EQ instead of cranking it up. This is a good step to take, but it will isn't going to solve your lack of bass. 



I'd look into this thread. I don't agree with this user on a lot of things, but I almost completely agree with the rankings he does:



If you're looking for a really kicking low end, I'd start looking into closed headphones. The DT880 and DT990 are probably not going to settle your desire for a big kicking bass sound to play games with. 

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for bass :

vmoda m100
ultrasone pro 900
denon d5000 d7000 used and expensive
ath m50
beyer dt 770 pro
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**** posted by my cousin - Ignore

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That wasn't me it was my younger cousin posting stupid stuff on Head-Fi. (He did a good job of making me the stupid guy)

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That wasn't me it was my younger cousin posting stupid stuff on Head-Fi. (He did a good job of making me the stupid guy)


Your cousin has a very very strange sense of humor. Carry on then!

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Looks like you don't trust my statement.

Too bad.

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weird with mine no clipping and almost the same amount of bass than my 2 other amps
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