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Sennheiser HD 595 replacement? Any other than HD 598?

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What open phones to get next?


My trusty 595's are breaking apart after 6+ years of good service.

They are a great match for my needs, just weak in the bass.


The HD 598 are the current replacement I think, and seem perfectly good.


I would like fairly straight freq response, with low freqs available

- due to some hobby level studio work and audio plugin testing.


Usage: 5+ hours a day

Music: electronic art music, recent indie pop, some bass and classical.



I use a bogstandard USB soundcard box (ESI U46) to drive them,

also an old 2x100W Denon pma700 amp at hand,

both of these are up for replacement though, "soon".



Thanks for any tips


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Any other eh..


Akg k550

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Sony mdr ma900, I can wear them indefinitely, and they're very balance, with slight emphasis on the mid-bass.
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I went from the 595's to 598's through Sennheiser warranty replacement. While they were a bit of an improvement, as much as i loved them, they still sounded lacking with some rock, hip hop, dub step, etc. i sold my 598's and got Dt880's and haven't looked back since. They have everything i loved about 598's plus more detail and bass presence. Mids are not as forward as the Senns, but they don't sound recessed to me. Just as comfy and just sound more engaging to me.
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Thanks for responses so far, all great tips!

Gives me much better search focus than my first 3 (er, 6?) hrs googling this...


I would have disregarded the AKG's since they're closed, but after reading a couple of reviews
I'll try them on if there's a local store that carries. 

Afraid I can't take it though, I get severe claustrophobia from closed cans.


The DT 880's and Sonys are also perfect matches for my criteria, great job.

but... now I don't know what I want damyou *whine* ;-)

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You can't go wrong with either. Just drop the two names in a hat and pick randomly.
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The AKG K550 are good... However, they are closed and though they may largely be better, they don't sound at all like open or half-open headphones... People don't pay mind to that, but I think it's kind of a factor... Anyway, I'm in exactly the same situation, I want to go with something different than the HD598.

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Ah. Thanks!
Perhaps the mispeling in the title made that one not come up top when I googled all combinations of "x VS y."

Good read, like most here.


(Things were much simpler before: Audio boss at work gets HD 595's for his entire dept,

I'm in denial, but after 5 mins listening go out and buy a set for home.

Now I *need* to actually research and take a decision. Dam you konsumr sozietee!!!)

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Well it was just made at 8 o clock today.
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Why not just get the HD558 and remove the foamstrip inside (like the HD555)?

a bit more bassy then the HD598 and less bright.

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Ma900 and dt880 are supposed to be more of upgrades to the hd598.
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