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Brainwavz M2 is now on sale for $40, I am thinking of buying it. I have read a lot of reviews about it. The sound signature seems like something I could enjoy, rumbling but not overpowering bass and mids, that are detailed and are not very recessed, but the only thing that is keeping me back is the lack of detail in the treble. 

Hence I considered the Brainwavz M4 as it has better treble and micro-detailing and also the better bass control also made me think about getting a M4. But the M2 is on sale for $40 and has free 5 day shipping. So I have decided to buy it.

My Question is whether to get the M2 for $40 now or wait for a MP4Nation Sale where I can get even higher models like the M4 or even the R, B- series for a cheaper price? (I am very budget restricted). I know they had a huge sale last Christmas. Does anyone know when the next sale will be and any educated guesses if the M4 will be a part of it?

P.S: Also another newbie question, is it possible to bring out more detail in the highs with the EQ, (incase I get the M2). I know we can't get the quality (ringing sweet cymbals etc) from EQ-ing, but at least can I hear more details if I tweak the EQ?

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