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iPod Generation 5/5.5 vs. iPod Touch Generation 4

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Here is my setup; a Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G amp and a Whiplash TWag v2 Micro LOD paired to Mr. Speaker's Mad Dogs headphones with Alpha Pads when sitting around the house and Sony Vsonic GR07 MK II headphones when on the move.  I am really happy with each of these components and they all work really well together. 


What I am trying to decide on is what to use as a source.  For whatever reason I have decided to stick with iPods.   I started with a 2G Nano then switched and a 5G Video. I mainly got the Video because the Nano's limited storage.  They both sound similar if not the same with my equipment, which I am sure is because they both have versions of the Wolfson DAC Chips.  So now my dilemma, I got a great deal on a 4G Touch, which I really want to like.  But to be honest the Touch just doesn't sound as good as the other two.  Maybe the Wolfson chips are just that much better than the Cirus Audio chips.  The soundstage, clarity, separation and punch are noticeably better with the Nano and Video.


So what I want to know, has anyone had any luck running any APP (i.e. EQs or the BBE) to help compensate for this, or am I just better off letting the kids play with the Touch?  


I have search this site and found similar threads, but I could not find one that really made me believe a Touch can match the sound of a 5G/5.5G Video (I don't hear the more accurate/precise sound that some people suggest come from the Cirus Audio chips).     







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Hi and welcome to the forum jlsandkes. The story of Cirrus v Wolfson has been the subject of much debate over the years. My personal preference is for Wolfson but as we know DACs are DACs and the output stage often makes more of a difference to sound quality. There are lots of variables before the effects of amps and headphones are considered. Apple's 5.5G Video represents the pinacle of that line and was designed mostly as a music player. The Touch however is more of a minature pc with all the fuctions that entails. There was recently a big firmware update for the Touch 4G that alters the sound a little from what I remember. The original player sounded slightly colourful and a bit artificial. It doesn't now sound quite so artificial and it reminds me a little of how a Cowon S9 used to sound. The 5.5G sounds more natural to me and it seems its internal components are of slightly better quality. With good over the ear headphones the Touch is not really in its element whereas the 5.5G gives good performance. Hi-fi players go a step further with nicer (and a liitle more bass) than the Video and are more neutral in their colouration. This type of thing and more clarity substantially reduces their battery performance however. I quite like the iPod Video 5th gen, it has alot going for it. There are better sounding players but few that cover so many areas well.
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Thanks for the reply and the welcome, I am not looking to start a debate over which chipset is better.  I guess maybe what I am looking for are suggestions on how to improve the sound coming from the Touch.  Then I can make up my own mind as to which one I like more and give my honest opinion here.

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Get EQu for the ipod touch. This app will help turn the ipod touch into a very good sounding device.

With the EQu app I can eq the ipod touch into sounding as good as my Rocoo P. 


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Try the Denon Audio app, its by the same maker as EQu but FREE!



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Thanks guys, this is great information.  I will try some of the processing/equalizer APPs and see how close they get me to the sound I am looking for.  

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I have got another question, does the iOS version being run effect the sound quality at all?  If so, is the latest 6.1.3 the best option?

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The sound did change with 6.1.3. The interface looks slightly different as well. It seems a bit more graphically intense and therefore a little slower at some points.
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