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Alpha Electret condenser Headphone HPE-888

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Many years ago, I purchased an Alpha Electret condenser Headphone HPE-888 with adaptor. As the headphones were not used for many years, I did not realized that the adaptor was missing. Do anybody knows where the adaptor for this headphone model could be purchased? I also would like to know who is or was the manufacturer of this device.  There is not indication neither on the box nor in the earphones itself that says where or who made it.

Thanks for any assitance on this matter.

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Thankyou for posting this, and welcome to Head-fi.


A rare one. And very nice looking with a rather large driver.

The company was Alpha.





you would have to use another adapter box from something else, another electret, and trace the wiring on the plug end pins to make sure. Only 4 should be needed 2 per side ( haven't seen the things though but this should be right)


Maybe better results if you post in here http://www.head-fi.org/f/113/high-end-audio-forum

which is where all the electrostatic types are discussed someone could help you rig up a compatible adaptor and plug that works, especially if you can somehow link a picture or two.


Hope something works out!  I really hope you get them going would LOVE to hear impressions.

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