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Need Recommendations for Open Over Ear Headphones($100-$200)

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Hello fellow audio lovers,

Here is most of the basic information about what I'm looking for:

Budget: $100-$150 (Maybe up to maximum $200 if it's worth the buy)

Source: Mainly computer + tablet, rarely phone for music

Requirements for Isolation: Used mostly at home; don't need to turn volume up too high because I don't want to damage my ears if I use the headphones for too long. I'm usually in a room with another computer beside me and someone else.

Preferred Type of Headphone: Fullsized over the ear, open

Preferred tonal balance: I don't want the bass completely gone, but nor am I a basshead so maybe just a balanced pair of headsets?

Past headsets: razer carcharias (totally regret)

Preferred Music: Usually piano music, classical, old stuff like Beatles and Queen's. I'm pretty open to all kinds of music though so I don't want my preferred music to affect what the recommendation is.

Preferred Entertainment: Gaming, anime, movies, music, voice chat
Location: Canada

Extra details: I would like a pair of headsets that does not only have good sound, but also looks cool. I might be asking much here, but I think if they look cool, they'll feel cool (The Beyer DT 770s look sort of bad in my opinion while something like Astro A40s look pretty cool)

I'm not much of an audio expert so I can't really tell what is "good quality".

Thanks in advance!

I'm looking more favorably upon the Sennheisers HD558, but is there anything better with a better price?

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I don't know anything about headsets but I know a little about headphones. Do you really need the isolation? You'll be able to hear the music clearly as long as your in a sumwhat quiet environment.

Anyway, with your preferences I'd recommend the Sony MDR MA900 (open). It has a huge soundstage, crystal clear mids, balanced bass, is the most comfortable headphone ever, and it doesn't need an amp.

If you don't like the look or build, consider(some of which I have):
AKG K550
AKG Q701
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Thanks for the recommendations, but yeah I don't really like the Sony MDR MA900 look and the others are out of my price range D:

I do have to ask though, what's the difference between open and closed headphones?

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Oh boy. Open headphones are in fact open, meaning that they aren't sealed. This leads to a better soundstage or a better sense that the music isnt just coming from two speakers, buy more like from the air around you. It also makes it sound more natural and airy. Closed headphones generally have more bass, and of course they isolate better. Open headphones let sound in and out, so its more suitable for gone usage.

Id recommend: (some of which I have)
AKG K167
Grado SR80i
ATH A900x
I think the grados look nice but some may disagree.
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The a700x looks nice. By isolating you probably want closed back. That's gonna have a negative effect on soundstage but the a700-900 are still pretty nice in that regard(so I hear).

From personal experience, I bought the superlux 681 evo and I don't regret a darn thing. Forget about amazing sound for the price...the sound is amazing PERIOD. Doesn't isolate as well but that's because it's semi open.

Also...first post for me.
yay I guess

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Hmmm which produces better sound: open or closed?
If it's open, I may need to sacrifice some isolation for some better sound quality.

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Check here. He has good information on a number of headphones both open and closed. Probably the kind of information you're after.
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I think I prefer more open headphones

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Those will suit you just right. Great for the types of music you listen to plus for gaming and music they are very very good.

Good luck!


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I recommend the k550 for gaming it blows my other cans out of the water regarding positional ques plus they sound great for music and are easy to drive.


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