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For Sale:
Trade: AKG K271mkII for a different sound signature - Grado, Hifiman, Fostex, etc

Will Ship To: USA only

Have a very clean set of 271s that I just purchased off ebay in the middle of May.  I already have two other sets of AKGs and they all sound similar so I'd like to trade for something equivalent but different.  Perhaps some Grados?  Let me know what you have.  I'd prefer full sized phones but would even consider IEMs if they are something interesting. 


The ebay listing stated the following: "For sale are a used pair of AKG K271 MKII headphones. I bought these brand new off from Amazon back in about September if I recall quickly. They are a nice pair of headphones but I find they just don't seem to be for me. I've used them less than I've let them burn in. Maybe about 10-12 hours max of listening time, and 70 hours of burn in. These are just a bit too small for my head and they don't seal as well as I would like to, plus they just tend to be too hot to wear often. The headphones come with the box they were shipped in and come with the velour earpads, pleather earpads, the straight and coiled cords, and of course the headphones."  As the second owner, I put less than 10 additional hours on them.