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Would my TMA-1 benefit from a FiiO e6

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Hi guys,


I'm totally new to this forum and just starting to get really interested in audio. After my Beats Solo HD broke for the 5th time, I got my money back and also got a big deal on the TMA-1s. At the same time, I changed from my iPod Touch 2G to a Google Nexus 4 as my listening device. On my Nexus 4 I use Poweramp as my playback app and really enjoy the equalizer.


Now to my main question. The volume of my TMA-1 impresses my in most cases and I really like what I can get out of those cans, especially when using the software amp in Poweramp. Would I get a noticable benefit from adding on a FiiO E6 to my combo? Is it only going to be louder or does it also boost the highs?





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Just searched TMA 1's with fiio E6 and found this post.. What a fluke, created a couple of days ago?



I am in the exact same boat.


Pair of original TMA 1's and wanted to pair it with an amp.


I just purchased an E6 from dx.com for $28 including free delivery. Great price, Great reviews for that little fella.


My TMA 1's sound very average on my Galaxy s3, never used power amp app, I'll give it a shot now.

My problem is bass is non existent on my GS3, hoping the E6 will help.



Think i'll def invest in a E17 in a few months also, or when a deal hits mp4nation. Want a DAC too..


Anyways, I think you should deff try the E6, would be great to have an amp around the house, I'm sure you have other headphones which could use it if it fails on the TMA 1's (I think it wont though ;))

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Hey Buddy,


Just thought I'd show you a Head Fi review I found on TMA-1's vs ATH M50's


This part in particular is VERY interesting to you and I... Great Fkn News!

Hopefully the E6 is powerful enough, I'm guessing it will be. Apparently the TMA-1's scale really well with an amp which means a massive difference/improvement for us. *rubs hands together*




For my A-B session, I let the M50 make the first impression.  As I've always experienced with them, amping gains a bit of clarity and allows them to better maintain details while strengthening the bass presence a tad.  A nice improvement, but nothing that would make me get off my comfortable couch to sit on the pedestrian computer chair in my office.  But then I plugged in the TMA-1.  My thought process: where did my musicality go?  Why do these sound so dark compared to unamped?  Oh... I forgot to turn the EQ on...  OH MY... WOW!!!


As good as the TMA-1 is unamped, adding my fairly modest Duet-PPAv2 setup takes them into the stratosphere!  For a low impedance headphone, these scale EXTREMELY well.  It's not as pronounced a difference as, say, adding an amp to an HD600, but those already great dynamics and textures are definitively kicked up a notch.  Those old recordings now sound definitively cleaned up and, what was once merely listenable, is now respectable.  A marked increase in soundstage leads to an increased sense of scale.  All of a sudden, instead of being on stage with Steven Wilson I'm sitting front row-center.  Switching to Mistabishi's White Collar Grime, (a bass test staple for me) reveals an exhilarating low end presentation with insane extension at my usual just-past-halfway variable bass setting on my PPAv2.  Putting it further to the right with the M50 did very little but create distortion as the drivers hit their bass-output peak at just past that point.  However, with the TMA-1 plugged in the knob just kept going... and going... and going until the cups were literally vibrating away from my ears!  More impressively, THEY MAINTAINED THEIR CLARITY WITH ZERO DISTORTION!  I, of course, backed it back down to my usual position, but holy cow are these drivers quality!  Remember how I stated the durability of the TMA-1's physical build quality carried over into other facets of the headphone?  Well, I was referring to the drivers.


The TMA-1 outputs more volume at undistorted levels and more bass than I think one could ever hope for.  If Jeremy Clarkson were writing this review, I believe this would be about the point that he would exclaim "MORE POWERRRRRR!!!" :)


HUGE Advantage: TMA-1



Full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/526956/head-to-head-aiaiai-tma-1-vs-audio-technica-ath-m50-tma-1-review

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Cheers man!


That sounds like I have to definitely get an amp!


I tried the TMA-1s today on my Yamaha RX340 reciever and got an impression much like that review!

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Long time gone by. I just today received my E07K as a birthday present to myself and the quality difference on my Nexus 4 and my MacBook Pro is just awesome!

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