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Sweet, thanks for the opportunity rocky! PM'd.
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Landmines have arrived!

Thanks Rocky, can't wait to try these in ear Subwoofers out!


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The DN 23 Landmines have landed bigsmile_face.gif


They are really sensitive. The Burson Soloist SL couldn't be used with it even on low gain. Plugging the unit in already emits noise and what not.


I have about 5 minutes with them right now and have quickly demo'd some test tracks from a multitude of genres.


First thoughts before anything in depth.


The DN 19 showed to me that Dunu had the stuff that doesn't have sonic defencies (mainly fatigue due to weird sonic happenings). They are their own OEM(parent company is I believe) as far as I could tell meaning that they engineer this stuff, tune it, and can actually improve on it rather than just buying stuff from others. 


The DN 23 Landmine continues this thrend where we actually have a smooth unit. I personally am very sensitive to the mids and highs. If they are too sharp, it produces massive fatigue for me and those units are not liked by me. The DN 22M was plagued by this with the upper mids. The DN 23 however is good throughout the entire range. The bass doesn't overwhelm but is nice. The mids don't have fatiguing qualities, and the highs don't produce shrill responces that make me want to cry.


I hope Dunu continues to work on this formula that they have with the DN 19 and DN 23 Landmine. Because I am quite impressed with the Landmine.


How sensitive it is(very) is a problem for me and my desktop units however. Even on low gain already. However I can still have a lot of control over volume.


I'm at 10 minutes as I type this, I have listened to rock, classic rock, metal, live musicals, ambient background music, classical, rap, modern pop, hip hop. And the DN 23 has pushed through quite well with all 3.


The only qualm I have is a personal interest one and thus is very opinionated to each listener. I prefer more active up front vocals which the DN 23's don't have. Not a big deal. My personal opinionated likes are of course mentioned but not taken into final consideration in a review. 




Either way Rocky. Unless something drastic comes up. The DN 23's have earned a major recommendation from me. Review will be out in 1.5 weeks.

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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

Landmines have arrived!

Thanks Rocky, can't wait to try these in ear Subwoofers out!



If a fellow Canuck has gotten them, hopefully mine aren't far behind.

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Geez, I'm still waiting on mine...

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Winterpeg shouldn't be any further than Lower Rubber Boot NS... I used to live in Lynn Lake, now you'd never get them up there... wink.gif

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My review of the DN-23 Landmine has been posted on my site and will soon be posted here as well.




Quick summation


"At $80, the Landmine runs up against some very, very stiff competition as companies continue to deliver better sounding products for less money than in years past but the wealth of included accessories and impressive build quality give DUNU a competitive edge that other companies can’t quite match in many cases, especially within this price bracket.


What we have here is a pair of earphones that delivers great but not exceptional sound for the money. I don’t think anyone would be remiss in purchasing these if they’re looking for powerful bass and a completely fatigue-free listening experience, though I wouldn’t recommend these to treble lovers as these are markedly subdued in that regard.


For fans of Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop and R&B, the DUNU Landmine should definitely be considered as it sounds great with those genres and its added bass thump makes these very fun to listen to."

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DN 23 Review posted! Thanks very much Rocky!


Edit: 7/6/13 Early Morning


I've decided to slightly update the format used in Sound Quality sections of my reviews from now on. I'll be updating the SQ section of this review tomorrow.


My SQ section of this review was me basically taking reference sound and using that to highlight the differences the DN23 had from reference. I've decided to update my format to include my own thoughts on how sound works for music enjoyment and make more desciption into how I write it. My newest review incorporates this style. 


I found the SQ section of this review to be too critical and not refelctive of me actually thinking the sound is very good which was the problem I encountered, so whilst writing my new review today. I added elements and explanations for why I thought this and that into my review. Will be using this in my update of the DN 23 tomorrow.

Edit: 7/6/13 Night


Sonic section and overall has been updated to my new sonic rubric.



Overall: The DN 23's work well with a majority of genres. The upper mid spike allows for artists and instruments to sound sharper, but are personally too much for me and thus are fatiguing. Many are not like this, and with great mastered tracks, the upper mid sparkle is fantastic. Instruments are really brought to life and the artists are prominent in their sonic reproduction. The lack of high end extension or quality is fine with me, as its not totally gone and still helps well with the sound. Overall, I'd say that the DN 23 is a very well put together unit that balances the 3 ranges out well enough to sound good with a big portion of music. If you don't get fatigued by sharp mid ranges, then these are great headphones for you as they offer a good sound for the price


Build Quality: 8/10 (for drop potential)

Isolation: 9/10

In ear feel: 8/10

Microphonics: 9/10

Usability: 8/10

Sound quality: 8.5/10

Overall: 8/10

Value: 9/10



Thanks again Rocky.

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Thanks Rocky and DUNU for the kind generosity that you have for the Head-Fi community.

I personally enjoy the Landmine's quite a bit.


Here is my review


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I've added my review to the product page now as well.

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