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For Sale: FS: Elekit TU-882AS PRICE REDUCED!

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: America and Canada

I was just offered the deal of a lifetime on a pair of headphones and I'm currently cash poor. I HATE selling this because it's practically brand new and awesome with every headphone I own (low and high impedance) but oh well. Buy it before I change my mind. It's less than a month old and I'm the original owner. Obviously it's in mint condition and has very few hours on it. I'll include a NOS matched pair of Western Electric 396A D-getter for an additional $50. These are a steal at this price since the most desirable D-getters are going for around $200 per matched pair at this point. Box, stock tubes, etc. are included. This is the North American 120 V version.


I don't have a ton of feedback here but I do at Audiogon, where I've been buying and selling for over a decade. Search out username greg7. 

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Paulo Cesar Pestana
Rua Corrêa Dutra, 47/203 Flamengo
22210-050 Rio de Janeiro R.J. Brazil.
Good morning, If you change your mind about the shipping, I offer us $ 250 for the amp and all tubes stock and WE 396A D-getter. NOTE: Depending on the cost of shipping with tracking number, because anyway it will not be cheap, hence the offer with lowest price.
If we come to do business, I accept the purchase by EBAY.COM, which have excellent profile account and 100% positive. I'm not in a hurry, this amp would be just one more to my collection (I'm looking for a Bottlehead CRACK PRICED STORE, built or not (SPEEDBALL or not), if you have one ...). => The amplifier must be the voltage of 120 volts to function. Anything you can send an e-mail ANYTIME. Thank you.


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Do you still have?  Looking for now but I am interested.

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This is a nice amp that drives my 650's just fine. Great sounding amp at this price!

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